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I decided to do Gracie’s September blogging challenge in one fell swoop. So here are the 30 posts she assigned condensed into one self involved megapost. Let’s go…

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1. Goals for September

  • No social media – Did it but returned a few days early. Here’s what’s better without social media.
  • Burn Boot Camp with my sister – Did it 4-5 times a week! My sister has lost several inches and I’ve started to gain something of an ass. We’re believers and are signing on as clients tomorrow.
  • Cane Creek Sprint Triathlon – Did it! Here’s a recap.


2. Proud Accomplishment

I bought a rode bike and did a 20-mile ride to get ready for the triathlon. I’ve never gone that far in anything that’s not motorized. Lately, I won’t even go 20 miles away in a car so this was quite a feat. Completing the tri without stopping was also a very proud moment, particularly the open water swim. Cringe.

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3. Favorite Fashion Trends

High waist and crop tops always and forever.


4. Thankful for…

A return to yoga.

5. Top 5 Summer Highlights

(1) Falling in love. Tinder is real. (2) Edisto Island with Jen and Erin (3) Charleston with my family (4) My sister moving to Charlotte (5) Surprise party in DC


6 Fall Things I’m Looking Forward to…

(1) Cool runs in the morning. (2) Apple picking. (3) Buying a couch. For real though. (4) Windows open. (5) Gone Girl. Be serious. (6) Moving.

7 Things to Improve

(1) Drink water. (2) Read books. (3) Do yoga. (4) Control food spending. (5) Invest in quality clothing. (6) Transition cleaning products to cruelty free. Check out my transition to cruelty free toiletries here. (7) More cats. Not really.

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8 Things you Love About Yourself

Oh geez. I love my hair (I really do). That’s at least 8 things.

9. Outfit of the Day

On Tuesdays we wear company t-shirts so I wore red jeans, a Tresata tee and my new Chucks.


10. A Day in My Life

I wake up at 5a and again at 5:12 and one more time at 5:30. I throw on clothes and go pick my sister up for our 6:15a bootcamp. After dropping her off, I get home around 7:30, shower and sit down to check work email. By about 8a I make coffee and just dick around–blog stuff and reading things I like–until about 9 when I head to the office. I sit on my ass and work until around 5p and then I head home to either 1) run, bike or go to yoga OR 2) sit around until I go to bed. After I’ve either exercised or done nothing at all I make dinner and then watch ridiculous things like Monsters Inside Me with Nick. I go to bed around 10:30p these days.

11. Make a Wish

I wish for people to stop being mean to animals.

12. Favorite Quote


13. Top Guilty Pleasure

Garbage television. I don’t know if it’s killing my brain or not.


14. Favorite Thing About Blogging

Meeting people who are awesome.

15. Favorite TV Shows

OOH ok. I currently watch the following bullshit: Monsters Inside Me on Animal Planet, Too Cute on Animal Planet, Chopped and whatever is on Bravo 24 hours a day. Right now we are watching a documentary on owls or something while Nick studies and I pretend to be important also.

16. Makeupless Monday

I look like this without makeup and filters. The secret is the lighting.

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 9.23.51 PM

17. Another Day in the Life

Oh no. Every day is the same. I swear.

18. Thankful Thursday

Definitely thankful for a healthy body that mostly does what I tell it to.

19. Link Love: Favorite Blogs

Girl Meets Life

My Name is Yeh

How Sweet It Is

Love Taza

Man Repeller

20. A Cause You’re Passionate About

The Lunch Project. I traveled to Tanzania with this crew back in January and over the summer my organization PlateShare funded their expansion to a second school site plus meals for all 900+ kids 1 day a week for one year. TLP sets up school lunch programs in rural schools in Tanzania. The food (corn porridge with goat milk) is locally grown, locally milled and prepared and served by local mamas who are paid for their work. It’s a beautiful model of sustainable hunger relief that: 1) uses local food, 2) increases student attendance at school, 3) improves student grades and progression to secondary school, 4) empowers women, and 5) educates kids in the US on global issues.

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21. Another Outfit of the Day

I loved this romper in Vegas.


22. Songs on Repeat

I basically listen to Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour and Ed Sheeran’s X on repeat all day every day. When I’m feeling feisty I switch to Iggy Azalea Pandora.

23. Things You Want to Learn

I’m reading How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are and now I want to learn how to be parisienne. Typical.

24. Favorite Form of Exercise

Burn Boot Camp is rocking my world this month. It’s 45 minutes of circuit training with things like jumping rope, squats, sprints, kettlebell stuff, lunges, wall balls, abs, etc. I love it.

25. What You’re Reading Now

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. I saw a review on Man Repeller. It’s exceptionally terrible with occasional tidbits I enjoy and highlight like this life rule: Make it look effortless.

26. Top 5 Hobbies

I kind of only do the following things: read, yoga, cook, write, collect stray animals.

27. Celebrity Crush

Amal not George.


28. 10 Things That Make You Happiest

Nick. Falafel. Cats. Cooking. Waking up really early. Seeing my sister on the daily. Dropping temperatures (gasp!). My niece. Working out.

29. Five Favorite Foods

Veggie combo at Pita House (with hummus, tabbouleh, falafel and pita). That’s only one food. The other four are: peanut butter and jelly, roasted brussels sprouts, soup (of all kinds) and the vegan eggplant parmesan at Fern.



30. 30 Random Things About You

How about you tell me 30 things about you instead because this is officially out of control, hm?


  1. Emma Emma

    I’ll tell you three: I love reading words on the internet. This is the only blog I’ve ever commented on (does that make me a bad blog reader?). I pretend to hate pets but then I meet them and love them instantly and forever, even if I have to pick up their poop.

    • Katie Katie

      Hooray! Thanks for commenting here. I usually just silently blog stalk myself even though I know bloggers love hearing from people… Also there is nothing worse than picking up pet poop. Maybe changing diapers. Who knows.

  2. LO LO

    sers you’re the best. im glad im not the only one that thinks cat chic is a thing.

    • Katie Katie

      Hahaha cat chic. I need a t-shirt with this on it.

  3. Jenn Jenn

    Invest in quality clothes. Do tell! Because I need to do it too. Don’t get me wrong, I love Target, but let’s face it. JCrew and LOFT are better quality and more suited to the 30 somethings.

    • Katie Katie

      This is seriously such a thing for me right now. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there. I’m actually hitting the jackpot at some higher end consignment shops. I’ll write about it once I’ve successfully assembled a more 30-something-appropriate-but-affordable wardrobe. Getting there! (I still love cheap cheap shit, though. It’s like a drug.)

  4. in the future i’m recapping the whole month in one post. yep.

    also you’re one of my favorite blogs too. tehe.

  5. klnigl klnigl

    I kind of love the idea of doing this all in one post rather than feeling the pressure to fill a whole post about something specific each day of the month.

    Also, I saw a headline yesterday which read something like “Amal Alamuddin Marries Actor” Priceless. Take that George.

  6. TaMo TaMo

    Amal in that pantsuit is one of the most gorgeous outfits that I have ever seen. I love it!

    • Katie Katie


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