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Meal Prep


Yesterday I had grand plans to go furniture shopping for the new apartment. Later this week I’m basically tripling my square footage two doors down from my current unit and am in desperate need of all the things. Then I remembered I went to Vegas this month and am totally out of cash money so I just cooked all day instead.

We can just sit on boxes for a bit…

I’ve gotten straight lazy about food since returning to a “real” job back in January. I eat some kind of bar for breakfast, buy lunch (EVERY DAY WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME) and honestly don’t even know what I eat for dinner which probably says a lot about what I eat for dinner. (Often it is Chipotle, this I know.)

So yesterday I decided to get a handle on the situation with a major 3-hour meal prep session.


For the first half of the week, I cranked out:

  • veggie chili
  • 1 batch of rice
  • 1 batch of quinoa
  • roasted broccoli
  • steamed green beans
  • honey mustard baked tofu
  • cleaned & prepped pineapple and grapes

And as that slowly disappears and/or I get sick of it, I will make coconut curry lentils and coconut pan-fried tempeh.

I’m also fully stocked on tortillas, veggie burgers, cheese, hummus and greens for making wraps and flatbread pizzas and such.



I also knockedĀ out some vegan turtle cups I’ve been dreaming up for the last month or so. They are superb.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

The result was the dirtying of every single dish I own BUT imagine how many dishes I will now not have to wash after a full damn day of work. Rejoice.


As you can see I’m quite pleased with myself. Here’s hoping I actually eat it all now.

In housekeeping news… You may or may not know that you can create appified website shortcuts on your phone. I do this all the time for websites I visit frequently that don’t have their own dedicated app. Just go to the website using the browser on your phone, click the up arrow in the bottom navigation (looks like a little arrow inside a box) and click “Add to Home Screen”. That will create a little app-like icon for easy access.


Also important… Ralph and Weaz have been on Instagram for the last year or so but I haven’t touched it in 42 weeks. That account has been resurrected with my return to social media. (I know. I skipped a few days.) You’ll find them (plus Tilly, of course) at ralphandweaz.



  1. It’s so hard to not buy lunch at work every day. Ive recently started packing my own but im often to tired/uninspired that I just chuck plain rice in a tupperware with baby carrots….which…really…isnt…a meal. at all. one step at a time though, right?

    • Katie Katie

      Oh girl. Rice + baby carrots is depressing. If that’s what you pack you have earned the right to just buy a lunch. Consider this your permission.

  2. I love prepping a bunch of food and being ready for the week! Those turtle cups look amazing! And thanks for the tip about making an “app”. I love it!

  3. I am eating take out lunch as I read this. This post does make me feel a little ashamed… but….. it’s so tasty…

    • Katie Katie

      Ha! I feel you. I do.

  4. The vegan turtle cups look amazing! They’re vegan, so I can pretend they are good for me, right? šŸ™‚

  5. Tara Tara

    Do an updated meal prep post! Yours are always actually appetizing and I need new ideas. Most food prep posts are depressing and boring.

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