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Caturday 9.27.14

ralph and weaz caturday Hello and happiest of Caturdays to you and yours. If your September has been as completely outrageous as ours, you welcome this day to do nothing but celebrate cats. Let us begin with pictures of Weaz on and in things… ralph and weaz caturday ralph and weaz caturday ralph and weaz caturday   I don’t know where Weaz got this interest in being inside things, but I think it’s rooted in her early days as a runt in a litter of five inside Ralph’s womb. I really do. If you didn’t know Ralph was Weaz’s mom it’s probably because I named her Ralph so it’s hard to tell she’s a girl at all. Ralph is the Mary of cats and gave birth to sweet baby Weazus in 2008. I was the midwife. Made an odd discovery this week while testing out the “Ok Google” voice commands on the Google app. I said: “Ok Google, Tilly the two-legged cat” and was presented with this Buzzfeed feature of Tilly from May of last year. I guess it went largely unnoticed in the Buzzfeed community which is good because I hate Buzzfeed so much.

Here’s Tilly with two more of her adoring fans… And if you’re interested in learning more about Tilly’s adoption, the story of our emotional roller coaster is here.IMG_2931   That’s all from Caturday headquarters. Enjoy this catty day.

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