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I had such an overwhelming-in-a-good way weekend. My college friends and I have managed to meet up at least once a year since we graduated in 2007, but they totally blindsided me with this surprise trip to Charlotte.

I love being around this crew¬†because I’m reminded of exactly who I am. I feel better about Charlotte and more at home than I have in a long time, but when my friends roll in to town I’m reminded of how forced and formal my life still is here. With these guys everything picks up right where it left off and nothing is off limits. I just love them.

On Friday before I knew everyone was coming I carbed up on pizza with my boss at this new place True Crafted Pizza. After the race on Saturday morning we had a big group brunch at Flying Biscuit and then drank champagne heavily all afternoon at Common Market.




We also squeezed in some Dairy Queen and a visit with my (in)famous cats. This crew was around for Ralphie’s immaculate conception and dramatic labor so the cats are kind of a big deal.

IMG_2928 IMG_2954

Dinner was falafel at Levant (obviously) and then we rounded out the night with drinks and dancing at Hooligans.


I’m so glad everyone got to meet Nick (and Tilly) and that we all keep coming back to this homebase. I’m still reeling from this weekend and am so grateful for all of these people. Even as we hit new life milestones (we’ve got two weddings down, one engagement in progress, and TWIN GIRLS ON THE WAY) this friendship remains constant. I love these people.


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