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Wear It: THE ONE


I’m becoming something of a white t-shirt connoisseur over here, and Cotton On’s aptly named “The One” is the best I’ve ever had.

It fits perfectly, requires no babying in the wash, and is only $14.95. (I just ordered three more.) I’ve only purchased the Deep V so far, but they’ve also got it in Crew and Scoop. I don’t want to make assumptions about your life, but it would serve you well to stock up on these staples. Just trust me.

There’s nothing you can’t do with a white tee–dress it up, dress it down, write your emotions on it. It’s The Everything of style.

I wear white tees to work tucked into a pencil skirt or on the weekend with cutoff shorts or tied into a crop top with high-waisted pants. Here is The One in action (excluding the bathroom shot which is a different tee that I also love)…

Do you have a white tee you swear by? Do tell.

Edited to Add

Lots of questions about the fit and measurements on this one… My size small (washed and dried and well worn) measures 20 inches from top of the back collar to bottom on the front hem.


Across the body it is 15 inches from seam to seam.



If you’re curious about the Deep V… I don’t think it’s that deep, and it measures 6 inches from top of the back collar to bottom of the front V.



  1. Erin Erin

    This is just what i needed, thank you! How is the sizing? Can’t seem to find many reviews.

  2. Well I was super excited until I realized the company is in and ships from Oz and for 4 shirts it would cost approx $81 USD because of shipping. Might want to make that known!

    • Kelsey Kelsey

      Not sure where you’re looking, but if you go to the US shop link in the top right corner, base shipping is $6 and it’s free shipping over $45…

    • Amanda Bee Amanda Bee

      Looks like if you go to the very top right of the page, you can change the region from AUS to the US and the shipping prices change from $40 to $6, with free ship for orders of $45 and up. That tripped me up too, like no way am I paying $40 to ship tee shirts.

      These look awesome! Side Q – Katie, any idea what the length is? I am long torso-d and wish brands would list shirt lengths more often. Not trying to rock an awkward cropped tee.

      • Yay! thanks for figuring that out. I was like WTH? Seemed very out of character for Katie!

      • Katie Katie

        Thanks for clarifying! I’ve definitely never paid $40 to ship anything. 🙂

      • Katie Katie

        I just added the measurements to the post! The small is 20 inches long.

  3. I am obsessed with the texture of the Daydreamer LA shirts.
    I have 4 in different colours. They feel worn out, which i loooove. Have you tried them before? The price is hefty though, not $14 bucks – so Im intrigued by your choice!

  4. Rajul Rajul

    I need the perfect nude tshirt bra for my white tees! And which burn boot camp r u going to? I started Pineville in June! Rajul (cltveggie)

    • Katie Katie

      Ah yes… that bra battle rages on for me, unfortunately.

      I’m at the new South Charlotte one! I love it so much.

  5. McKenzie McKenzie

    Hi Katie-
    How is sizing on this tee? Run small or big? Thank you!!

    • Katie Katie

      I think it’s a true-to-size fit. So not tight but not baggy… if that makes sense!

    • Katie Katie

      I added the actual shirt measurements to the post!

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