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Stay in Vegas

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Vegas by pictures.


We arrived in Vegas around 7pm on Friday and after a quick and dirty costume change headed straight for what we were told is one of the best buffets in town: Wicked Spoon. I made the tragic mistake of buying the “bottomless wine” add-on and drank less than half a glass because I was so focused on the food. Pro tip: eat now, drink later.

Saturday morning my east coast internal clock woke me up at 5:30a so I hit the gym to workout and wait for the rest of the girls to wake up. (I ran a 5k for the first time since rolling my ankle two weeks ago and felt awesome.) Later we walked down to Paris to eat at Sugar Factory. I got an omelet to fuel up for the marathon day of pool partying we had planned and then stocked up on candy next door for my grownass boyfriend who loves gummies.

After a morning at the Marquee pool we wandered down to China Poblano, a Chinese-Mexican fusion restaurant, for what was to be a “light lunch” since we had a very fancy dinner reservation later that night. A margarita flight, mushroom taco, beet salad, churros con chocolate and $75 later, my meal had taken a hard right towards “heavy” and I regretted (almost) nothing.

Saturday night was our go-big-or-go-home dinner at Le Cirque, a fancypants French restaurant in the Bellagio. I was shocked (and thrilled) to see they had not only a vegetarian menu but a full vegan tasting menu. I went with the build-your-own vegan tasting menu and had the heirloom tomato salad, ratatouille (changed my life) and lemon sorbet. Holy shit.



Saturday was spent at the pool party at Marquee. We weaseled our way onto the guest list with the help of a promoter friend and, as such, were the first people to walk through the door. This was clutch because we claimed prime poolside real estate and in less than an hour the whole space would be filled with drunk greasy strangers. Vegas pool parties are weird in that the pool is the least of it–usually just a plain 3-foot-deep rectangular hole filled with water that gives you an excuse to wear basically no clothes while drinking. Women can usually get in free with the help of a promoter but men can expect to pay several thousand dollars for a table or cabana. Sorry, guys.

We definitely had fun but made an exit as soon as a group of overly eager guys started breaking all my personal space rules. Not to mention the pool starts to turn murky with an oily film of sunscreen on top. Mmm, Vegas.


We stayed at Aria which is a relatively new hotel from what I’m told. I did all my gambling there which included a whopping $10 spent in two slot machines. I got mad and gave up when I lost $5 in one bet. High roller indeed. Friday night we dropped into Haze, the basement level club at Aria, but either it or we were a little on the lame side because we went to bed. Saturday was a more successful club adventure and we ended up at The Bank in the Belaggio after our fancy dinner. We had run into a promoter earlier in the day who promised us a table and free bottle service which was not at all what happened. Pro tip: promoters lie to you just to get you in the door. Regardless, it was a much better scene than Haze and we danced around for hours before calling it a night.


All told, I can count the number of drinks I had in Vegas on one hand so it’s entirely possible I did the whole trip wrong. But I think we managed to successfully cram in all the quintessentially Vegas things into a very short amount of time: buffet, pool party, clubs, sleazy promoters, Bellagio fountain show, fancypants French dinner and gambling. I even saw a street cat wearing sunglasses and honestly will forever regret not giving it $20 to buy some food.

I had a great time mostly just being with my friends and eating tons of food, which in my opinion I can do anywhere in the world. I’m glad I got to see Vegas in all its grotesquely excessive glory just this once, but as far as I’m concerned what happens in Vegas can most certainly stay right where it is.

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