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Taste Test: Califia Farms Double Espresso Iced Coffee


I’ve recently started buying cold brew coffee concentrate in an attempt to curb my coffee shop spending. I like having it on hand for days when I’m too lazy to go through the full pour over charade or just simply don’t want hot coffee.

(I type this as I sip an iced coffee that I bought at a coffee shop, by the way. Old habits die hard.)

To make my iced coffee at home I just combine about 1 part coffee concentrate to two parts almond milk. In the ultimate act of laziness, I decided to buy this ready-made Califia iced coffee with almond milk so I don’t even have to combine the two myself. It was a mistake.

I’m excited about Califia Farms and their line of almond milks. I’m a fan of everything from their sustainable practices to their streamlined packaging and slick branding.

Unfortunately, this iced coffee just didn’t do it for me. Even though it only has 10 grams of sugar, it felt overwhelmingly sweet to me. This may just be because I never sweeten any of my coffee though so don’t let that deter you if you’re a sweet coffee drinker.

For me, all it would take is an unsweetened version and I’d be all in. Until then, I’ll just stick to their almond milks.

Has anybody else tried this? What’d you think?



  1. Amy Amy

    Hate sweet coffee as well, so thanks for the heads up. I love their unsweetened almond milks, sipping some in my coffee right now!

    Is this coffee-flavored almond milk, or is it an actual coffee-beverage (like a bottled frappuccino drink)?

  2. Old habits indeed die hard! I’ve been trying to quit my going-out-for-coffee habit for over a year now. I was doing well for a while, making it at home, but then it started to taste weird to me. I think I need a new coffee maker or method.

  3. I didn’t like the Califia iced coffee for the same reason. I make my own iced coffee/cold brew at home by putting up to 2 times the amount of grounds into my french press and filling it with cold water before bed. It isn’t quite as tasty as real cold brew, but it surprisingly similar!

  4. Holly Holly

    Not to be a total butthole, but you seem to have ticked up your posting while you are doing your social media break. I’m guessing the urge to share is still there! Thinking about how you’ll be perceived on your blog and what to share to make you sound interesting/cool, etc. is just as bad as worrying about how you’ll be perceived on social media, no? If one of the goals of your social media-free month is to stop worrying about crafting an online image…then maybe all online images need to go, including the blog. It’s still the same issue of perfectly crafted fake-ness, IMO.

  5. I tried their almond milk when my sister got my hooked on it in California. Found the small version of their iced coffee in the to go section at Whole Foods. Yuck. Super disappointed for $3.50!

  6. Amanda Bee Amanda Bee

    I haven’t tried this, and you might’ve convinced me not to. An unsweetened version would be great. Though really, I make my own by combining coffee + water in a french press and leaving it in the fridge overnight. Delicious cold-brew waiting in the morning, and no filtering with a french press.

  7. rachel rachel

    I work at fresh market (not to far from you in upstate sc ) and I bought this today and I really didn’t like it either lol I tried the salted caramel one it was really sweet.

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