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What I’m Reading 9.3.14


This post could also be called: What I’ve been doing for three days without social media.

Here it is…

Tastier, Healthier and Animal-Free: Can Ethan Brown Reinvent Meat? – Pretty fascinating look at Brown’s radical mission to create meat out of plants. We’re not talking veggie burger meat substitutes here. We’re talking meat–down the its molecular structure–recreated cell by cell with plant-based amino acids and lipids. One part ethics, one part chemistry. (The chicken strips are already available at Whole Foods.)

Clover Food Lab’s Quest to Become the Vegetarian McDonald’s – Consumer attitudes about factory farmed meat are shifting and the industry will eventually reach its tipping point. Clover, I think, will help lead the way.

The Thought Process of Getting Dressed – This was pulled from straight from my head. When it comes to parties and social outings that span more than 3 hours and don’t have a set meal time–think “drinks”, “networking”, “party”, or anything else of that sort–I am going to show up anywhere from 1 to 2 hours after the indicated time. This is because 1) Who does anything before 9pm anyway? And 2) I’m just not ready yet. Granted in Amelia’s example here she is late for a first date and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do that but you can ask my boyfriend how he feels about that statement I just said.

Weekend Warriors – Molly’s post about harvest season and the coming of fall makes me miss the midwest and hate the south and its continued hundred-degree days.

The Vogue Factor – A better-than-Devil-wears-Prada behind-the-scenes look at the world’s most notable (or notorious) fashion magazine. Written by Kristie Clements, who hustled her way up from front desk girl to editor in chief of Vogue Australia, the book lifts the veil on the glamorous world behind the pages. I dig it because it’s about Vogue Australia in the 80s and 90s in its bootstrapping scrappy youth before it hit its stride.

Building Mindful Brands – This is a feature in Mindful Magazine examining the core values that drive multi-million dollar companies Indiegogo and Etsy. You can see a video webextra here.

Seriously Delish – Ok ok so mine won’t arrive until Friday but I CAN’T WAIT to read Jess’s cookbook.

And finally, not something I’m reading but easily the most important thing in this post… Meet Gary the goat, a celebrity in Australia who as far as I’m concerned just reached the US today when my Aussie colleague sent this to someone who sent it to me and then I sent it to the entire office.


  1. TaMo TaMo

    Gary the goat is the BEST!!!!!

  2. Tracey Tracey

    Im reading “Speciesism” by Joan Dunayer. Free from the library and the best animal rights book I’ve read so far once you get past the beginning which is a little boring.

    • Katie Katie

      Awesome, thanks! I’ll get it.

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