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WEAR IT: Vegas Packing

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This weekend I’m going to Vegas with my girlfriends for no reason other than to go to Vegas with my girlfriends. I’ve never been and I’m pretty positive it qualifies as “not my scene” but I’m very excited to eat food and dress up and play the Kitty Glitter slot machine until I go bankrupt. If that’s Vegas, I’ll take it.

I’m going with Jen and Erin and Dion and in all my hippie wisdom have responded to every planning attempt with “Just go with the floooow, maaaaan.” My highly organized friends have completely given up on me weighing in on anything to do with shows or dinner reservations so I told them to just tell me where to be when and how much it costs and I will be there.

When it comes to clothes, I have two very different (and undoubtedly misinformed) visions of what Vegas is. One is all tennis shoes and fanny packs and souvenir t-shirts. The other is classy casino rhinestone everything. Also maybe “showgirl chic.” I’m not sure where I fit in any of these.

Hearing my very organized friend Jen talk about her packing progress for the last month, I started to get a little antsy and doubt my ability to pull off my standard morning-of packing routine. So last weekend I trekked to the mall to pick up at least two “going out” outfits for Friday and Saturday night.

The first is a long-sleeve crop top from Forever 21 and a black and white striped Fiore skirt that I hope says: “PAHTY’S HEEEEEEUHHHH!”


That one is for drinks and whatever else is planned that I don’t know about on Friday night.

The second is a fitted black backless dress with crystals around the collar and all the way down the back. I’m not telling you where I got it because I will be judged.



This one I envision at a casino Saturday night. But I know there is also a fancy dinner on our itinerary that night and I’ll look like I’m entering my second trimester when I’m done so maybe I need to reevaluate this one.

Finally, I also got a new swimsuit from H&M that I really love along with some high-waisted flowy black pants covered in little white mice. OH and a body chain like circa 1996 at the urging of one of my friends who is a Vegas expert and says these are required at all pool parties. I imagine I’ll be wearing all of those items on Saturday.

So far I’ll just be naked on Sunday. Maybe wearing a fanny pack.

Wish me luck.



  1. TaMo TaMo

    Weaz only semi photo bombed your pic, as she is turned away from the camera. Clearly, a new trend developing here. Love the outfits.

  2. That black dress is so Heather Dubrow, and that’s a great thing. Happy Vegas’ing!

  3. Jenn Jenn

    Adorable outfits! But keep in mind the shoes. Vegas is a ton of walking. Things that appear next door are like 3 miles away due to everything being massive. In June we walked 11 miles one day between hotels and restaurants and casinos! I always felt sorry for girls I watched hobbling around in heels! Have fun!

    • Katie Katie

      Aw man. This is so accurate and smart I’m going to have to go shopping again. 🙂

    • Jen Jen

      I feel this! On a recent vacation (that involved a TON of walking), I started out trying to wear the “cute” shoes. Eventually, I gave up and starting planning (mostly) outfits that would work with my good old tennies…SO glad that I brought them! Of course, there is always the option of wearing comfy walking shoes to get to the destination, then changing into the more fabulous ones! 🙂

      • Katie Katie

        I think I’ve packed 6 pairs so far (for 2.5 days) to cover all scenarios.

      • Jen Jen

        Hahaha…sounds exactly like the way I pack!

  4. TaMo TaMo

    Truth, Jenn. I bought two pair of walking shoes there. Shoe stores in Vegas must rack up.

  5. Cayenne Cayenne

    If you need some suggestions for delicious, creative, veggie friendly food or awesome places to drink where a bud light doesn’t cost $14 (i.e., not “the strip”) let me know! Have a good time out here!

  6. courtney courtney

    just keep flip-flops or fold-up flats in your clutch! trust me :]

  7. Sarah L Sarah L

    Where is the second dress from??? Dying of curiosity!

    • Katie Katie

      Haha… Charlotte Russe. :-\

  8. Jen Jen

    Hope you have an absolute blast! And I LOVE the outfits (couldn’t care less where you got ’em)!

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