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Coconut Grapefruit Sugar Scrub


I’ve only just recently started getting into a skincare routine mostly because: 30. While I’m paying more attention to the level of moisture under my eyes and, you know, actually washing my face, I’m still super lazy about taking care of the rest of my body.

Truth be told, I don’t like to put on lotion because it becomes a magnet for cat hair. Why would I slather on a paste that makes me a target for hairball tumbleweeds? I don’t need this in my life.

Thankfully this make-at-home exfoliating moisturizing body scrub kills the skincare and moisturizing birds with one stone and is not prone to cat hair attraction.

Since this scrubbing takes place in the shower, there is no cat hair in sight and I come out with a nice dewy coconut oil sheen.

All you need is 2 parts sugar to 1 part oil and then optional mix-ins for fragrance. I went with grapefruit zest to counter the heavy dessert-like smell of coconut oil. (I prefer floral, spicy and fruity scents to baked goods.)


I went with half a cup of raw turbinado sugar but the large granule size might be too aggressive for super sensitive skin. If this is the case you can use softer brown sugar or even regular table sugar.

To this I added 1/4 cup melted coconut oil (coconut oil is solid at room temperature) and the zest of one grapefruit.


Mix it all together, grab a handful and apply in the shower. (I didn’t have the shower on for the scrubbing but turned it on afterwards to rinse.)

My skin felt amazing after this, and I’ll probably start doing it once a week.

I also followed it up with a yogurt honey hair mask which is a disgusting process but totally worth it. I’ll tell you about that one next week.


  1. A magnet for a cat hair tumbleweed perfectly describes my life,

  2. Jen Jen

    LOL…funniest comment ever! 🙂

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