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The Best Water Bottle Yet.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I am pretty particular about my water bottles. I want them thin and streamlined with little to no decoration or obnoxious colors, one-handed operability, a covered mouthpiece (this thing rolls around on the car floor, be serious), an opening large enough to accommodate non-crushed ice, absolutely no¬†detachable features that require separate washing (here’s looking at you, STRAWS), the right size to fit in a cup holder or bike bottle rack, a discreet attachment for carrying or hooking onto something, no BPA, no glass (just asking for trouble), no bullshit condensation sleeve that just gets infested with sweat and germs and filth, and preferably under $20.

I found all that and more in the Contigo Jackson water bottle.

Since sharing this water bottle on Instagram, I’ve been informed that the Contigo coffee travelers are also worth investigating.

I have a whole other list of demands for that, though, so I’m just going to rest in the perfection of the Jackson for a little bit.

That little ice-blue ring at the top pops up to create a handy carrying¬†hook and I am way too impressed by it. What will they think of next…

Burn Boot Camp

In water bottle related news… My sister and I have signed up for this incredible 30-day bootcamp and today was the first class. Every time a new Burn Boot Camp location opens they offer the first month free (which is awesome). As a marketer, I love this because it’s the best way to generate buzz and word-of-mouth marketing. As a former player in the fitness industry, I know they are confident you’ll get results after 30 days and get hooked as a member or they wouldn’t offer it for free.

Each class is 45 minutes long and is for women only–specifically they target moms so I kind of think I’m gaming the system a little bit. Don’t tell anyone.

This morning we moved through a number of circuits with a lot of jumping jacks, high knees, push ups, ab work, squats and some weightlifting. I really like the energy of all the women together, and the trainers are awesome.

We took waist, hip, thigh and bicep measurements first thing along with a weigh in so I know they are SERIOUS about doing some work on us this month. I’m excited to be doing something I’ve never done that gets me up and motivated early in the morning. Mostly I like having something my sister and I can do together.

If you’re in Charlotte, you HAVE to check this out.

PS – I haven’t been asked to share anything about the bootcamp nor was I invited to participate. I just found it on my own on one of my blackhole internet explorations and signed up. I’m really glad I stumbled upon it.


  1. TaMo TaMo

    You are moms to Ralph, Weaz, Tilly, and Noodle. Is it 30 days or 14 days? Confusing…………

    • Katie Katie

      We got 30 days for ours, but that offer is over so it looks like they’ve got a 14-day one up. There’s another location that does 45 days…

  2. Rajul cltveggie Rajul cltveggie

    I’ve been going for 4 months and LOVE it!!

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