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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

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It’s like as soon as I wasn’t able to work out at full max I just threw in the towel and ate chocolate chip cookies and pizza. Don’t care.

It was actually during the making of these cookies Monday night that the crippling pain of my bike mishap first surfaced. I was fine for an hour ride and most of the evening but around 9p started to realize something was way off. While I can’t say I would push through so much as a headache to, say, finish a race, I will hop around on one foot until I die to finish baking cookies.

Katie Levans, Athlete of the Year.

I really regret making these cookies before reading this, the definitive guide to the science of baking chocolate chip cookies. Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy with them.

I found the recipe here and what really changed the game was the heavy-handed addition of (optional) cinnamon. The only change I would make to that recipe would be to omit the word “optional” because cinnamon will henceforth be a requirement in all of my cookies.

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If you’ve never made vegan baked goods, I strongly recommend giving it a go. I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find substitutions for all your animal products.

  • instead of butter –> coconut oil
  • instead of milk –> almond milk or rice milk
  • instead of eggs –> 1 tablespoon chia seeds or ground flax + 3 tablespoons warm water = 1 egg
  • instead of milk chocolate –> dark chocolate
  • instead of heavy cream –> full fat coconut milk (see vegan whipped cream here)
  • instead of yogurt –> coconut yogurt

While I’m not 100% vegan, I do very rarely eat eggs and dairy and am a big fan of all of the alternatives that are available on the market. Unsweetened almond milk is a staple in my house and unsweetened coconut milk Greek yogurt was a jackpot find. You can even make your own nondairy milk at home with just almonds and water. A common misunderstanding among my fellow vegetarians is that consuming animal products that don’t require the death of the animal (milk & eggs) is always humane. This, unfortunately, is very far from the truth when it comes to conventional dairy and chicken farming. (Buying these products from local farmers you trust is an awesome awesome thing to do.)

If you’re interested in giving vegan desserts a go, here are some winners:

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Click here for many of these recipes as a handy e-book

And just to make sure you don’t forget to eat some non-desserts too, here’s:

How to Stock a Vegetarian Kitchen

Happy eating.

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  1. My roommate just made chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon and the cinnamon was definitely a game changer! So delicious.

    • Katie Katie

      Sooooo good

  2. vegan twix bars? those can be a very dangerous thing to my weight… i love twix and rarely indulge bc of the chemicals!

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