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Last week my parking company called to inform me I had been “accidentally” parking in the wrong lot right next to my building instead of the lot I pay for half a mile away. What a convenient error I had been making. Only on days when it rains. Or when I wear heels. How odd!

They were entirely too kind to even give me the benefit of the doubt (which I didn’t deserve) but threatened to boot my car if I ever “got confused” again anyway. Touche. I walked out the door to move my car and instead drove it straight to a bike shop and bought a new ride I can park inside the building without getting in trouble. Take that.

I needed a new bike for the triathlon anyway since apparently you can’t compete on a beach cruise (who knew?) but I felt like using it as a commuter would be an excellent way to train and also avoid additional parking tickets. The problem with riding your bike to work, as Jim Halpert knows, is it looks a little something like this:

I only live two-and-a-half miles from work so it’s not a bad ride but North Carolina in August is nothing but sweat so that’s a concern.

In my short week of daily commuting I’ve found that the wind on the ride levels out the heat and I usually arrive sweat-free. To be safe though, I travel in a different shirt and then change into a new top and new shoes when I get to work.



I just throw everything in a backpack and do a quick costume change when I get there. On this particular day last week I brought a white tank, white blazer and heels for the switch. Easy peasy. Riding my bike first thing in the morning is the best way to start the day. I seriously feel like a kid. I love it.

Unfortunately, if you read this post you know that I am currently banned from the bike after rolling my ankle (SUCKS) so my daily commutes are on pause for at least a little bit while I recoup. I got good news at the doctor that it’s not a true sprain, but I do have to wear a boot for the next three weeks or so, which is exactly how much time I have left before the triathlon.

He says it’s not totally out of the question that I could do the race next month, but he also said I definitely won’t be training for it. So we’ll see how it all plays out. If I feel like I can wing it, I will. If not, I’m going to Charleston for my friend’s bachelorette party. Can’t really lose here.

Edited to add…

By request, here’s my bike! It’s a used Lemond I got on consignment from Southpark Cycles.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


  1. Pics of the new ride? A nice long (and hilly) trip in Portugal confirmed that I need to replace my mountain bike and its knobby tires with something a bit more pavement friendly. Any suggestions?

    • Katie Katie

      Just added a picture to this post! I got a used Lemond. I’m sure it’s not the best bike on earth but I don’t know any different and I love it. It was my first time on a road bike and it made a HUGE difference. It’s so light and fast.

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