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Last weekend I went to Virginia to meet my boyfriend’s parents. They’re British so I felt this neurotic Kate Middleton level of style pressure in the days prior to departure because apparently I have wildly skewed caricatures of the motherland in my head. What to wear what to wear? (Insert British accent.)

I wanted something that said more “Katherine” than “Katie” because my whole life I’ve thought maybe just maybe I’d eventually grow into that name and maybe just maybe it would be this particular weekend. I thought I’d be Katie as a kid, Kate in grad school (never happened) and Katherine as a full-fledged adult. Even if no one ever calls me Katherine, I can at least embody her in clothing.

To meet the parents, Katherine (I think) would wear a modest and impeccably tailored knee-length dress, arriving polished, perfumed, and probably behind very big sunglasses.

Katie, I regret to inform you, arrived in jeans and a white t-shirt with an empty Chipotle cup in tow. Can’t win ’em all, y’all.

In scouring the racks for a dress Katherine might wear, I did happen upon this, the cutest little white skirt that never saw the light of day in Virginia. Instead, I wore it to work today and still felt very prim indeed.


  • Skirt: Lotus (on clearance for $35)
  • Top: Forever 21 striped bodysuit
  • Shoes: Lucky Brand
  • Necklace: my grandmother’s

The weekend, following suit with the rest of what’s been unfolding over here, was easy and right.

Any stress about the trip was all for naught because we were too busy eating donuts and looking at baby pictures and taking naps and eating donuts to worry about what anyone was wearing at any point. But for the record, it was jeans and t-shirts and spandex on my end.


  1. I dunno. I can see the stripes through the white skirt which just makes me giggle because it is classic “Kaite”

  2. TaMo TaMo

    Love that skirt.

  3. Jenny Jenny

    Cute! Love those shoes.

    Also, names are funny, right? I went through childhood assuming that I would be Jenny for awhile, but once I became an adult everyone would automatically call me Jennifer. Well, suffice to say, most people still say my name like Forrest does in For
    rest Gump…definitely can’t win ’em all.

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