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There’s not a whole lot of color in my wardrobe so leave it to me to select my lone orange dress to wear to a restaurant whose accent color so happens to be the exact same color orange. I’m talking orange chairs, orange lights, orange signage. And then orange me.

This is why we just wear black and white everywhere, y’all. This is why.

I don’t mind looking like a strategically coordinated piece of furniture, really. The real issue of this day was that my man of war sting had flared up in a major (and hideous) way. Any attempt to cover the wound with pants was thwarted by my body’s decision to bloat to twice its normal size once a month (give it up, men, you’ll never understand) so I was like, “To hell with everything I’m wearing this dress and also ordering pizza for breakfast.”

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

The event for which I dressed in this orange get up was a Sunday birthday brunch complete with (orange!) bottomless mimosas. Since I had plans to work all afternoon with my boss I passed on the dranks and instead chugged water for four hours while everyone else got housed. This led only to me having to parade my exposed battle scar through the restaurant one thousand times on my way to the bathroom.

What I’m saying is I totally nailed it with this outfit, ladies.

  • DRESS: H&M
  • SHOES: Lucky Brand
  • NECKLACE(S): Forever 21

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


  1. Orange is a color not everyone can pull off– looks great on you!

  2. TaMo TaMo

    Of course you matched the restaurant. Remember when you were home and I wore the shirt of table cloth material to the pizza place. Genetics!

  3. That’s a great shade of orange. Also, I need those shoes.

    • Katie Katie

      They are seriously the greatest shoes of all time.

  4. Emma Emma

    I miss your words!

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