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So far this summer I’ve been to an 80s party, a party inside a children’s museum, an amusement park (with my entire office, no kids allowed), and a legitimate prom-themed birthday complete with dinner, a photo booth, a DJ and a king and queen crowning. This weekend I’m going to a slip n slide party.

I turned 16 this summer. Can’t wait to drive.

The prom threw me for a loop because who just has formal dresses laying around? Not me, as was evidenced by that black tie event I had to go to for work a few months ago that ended in me wearing a $25 black prom dress I found at Charlotte Russe (shhhh).

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 8.13.03 AM

For this prom I wanted to be equally as thrifty but not quite so menacing in all black. So I hit the prom section at Macy’s.

Since we’re way off season by now most of the bright, tulle-covered, plastic gem-encrusted pieces remaining were marked down way below retail. I picked out two that I didn’t hate and headed to the counter to see if they would ring up even cheaper. I was all set to go with the blue one ($50, down from $200) but when the gold one rang up $25 (down from $200ish too), I was like, “Oh hell I’ll take that too.”

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Buying two dresses created a house divided with Ralphie picking blue and Weasel picking gold.


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I went with blue for dancing purposes, which came in handy later when I was taught The Wobble because I’m too damn old to know what The Wobble is. Or to be at a prom.

In true prom fashion, dinner was in a super classy repurposed Long John Silver’s now home to the China Wing. We made a real reservation at this fast food restaurant and they took it very seriously, setting out black table cloths and adding cucumber to our waters. They served a set 3-course meal for the party of 30+ and even had a special vegetarian bibimbap for the token vegetarian. So fun.



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I went to three proms in high school, but this one was by far the best.


  1. I love both dresses! I don’t know how I’d have been able to decide. You looked great. Sounds like your summer has been rockin’.

    • Katie Katie

      Ralphie’s older and wiser so I went with her choice 😉

      • Katie Katie

        Thanks! I’m trying to figure out when I’ll ever be able to wear it. The answer is probably never…

    • Katie Katie

      Not bad, right?

  2. so. much. fun! i really love the gold and white dress! but the blue one was perfect for your “prom”. 🙂

    • Katie Katie

      Ha, thanks!

    • Katie Katie

      I hit the Tinder jackpot. For real.

  3. what a fun idea! the main difference between this & a real prom: your dresses are cute and will likely not come back to embarrass you in future photos!

    Did y’all do the super awkward exchange of a boutonniere and corsage? That part was THE WORST.

    • Katie Katie

      Hahaha we considered the flowers but decided to pass on it. We did, however, take awkward prom photos.

  4. Jen Jen

    Sounds like you are having a FUN summer! I am pretty much over the moon with excitement, as I will be leaving in a few days for (part of) the Big Blue Bahamas tour!!! UK (my alma mater) will be playing in exhibition games against several national teams…plus, I will have the opportunity to explore a resort that I’ve dreamed of visiting for several years! I only mention this because I know that you have Wildcat fans in the fam…so, I thought that you might appreciate it.

    I love BOTH of your prom dresses, but find myself partial to the blue one…maybe because it’s really, really close to Kentucky blue??? Of course, Ralphie (my hero) picked that one! 🙂

    Also, your prom date is super-cute!!!

    • Katie Katie

      My family bleeds Kentucky blue 😉

      I was born in Kentucky and my whole family is diehard Wildcats basketball. Have fun!

  5. Jen Jen

    Thank you…I am BEYOND excited!!! I too most definitely bleed blue, which makes me insta-love your family. 🙂

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