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We’ve already discussed how I feel about all white everythang (here and here), but since then I have upped my accessory game with some wedges everyone’s asking about on Instagram and a purse that has completely changed my summer game.

Let’s talk about it.

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A few years ago I added NO LEATHER to my list of life choices. I figured if I wouldn’t eat an animal I should perhaps stop cloaking myself in its skin. Little too Silence of the Lambs for me, you know? If you do wear leather, good on you. I really don’t care except for the fact that it’s SO much easier for you to find solid accessories.

As any non-leather wearer knows, a Google search for vegan shoes, vegan purse, etc. will yield a treasure trove of hideous garbage and then, like, one $600 bag someone’s trying to Kickstart into a luxury vegan accessories line. It’s all very depressing.

The secret, I’ve found, is to shop like everyone else shops (where everyone else shops) and just check tags for “all manmade materials.”

The Shoes

That’s how I landed on these incredible wedges in a small boutique in South Carolina. I was waiting for my sister-in-law and, naturally, recklessly throwing cash around to kill time. This particular boutique had all the southern favorites–Toms, Jack Rogers, etc.–and assorted other mostly leather shoes. I had little hope that the sexy little eggshell wedge with the leather-looking ankle strap would in fact be animal free. But a quick check of the tag confirmed: “MAN MADE UPPER BALANCE MAN MADE.”

I confess I dropped some cash money on these, but they were too perfect to pass up.

BC Footwear from Page 6 Boutique, $80 (similar pair online here)

The Purse

No one is as excited about this purse as I am. It is the second in what I hope is a long string of successful seasonal purse purchases from Forever 21 (the last being the black one with a gold cross-body chain I’ve been dragging around all year).

Forever 21 Day Trippin’ Crossbody in Cream, $19.80 (exact bag here)

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And for good measure… Here’s all of it in one look.

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That jumper is also Forever 21, which is a store I should really not be allowed in anymore but I’m going to keep going until someone physically stops me at the door. I got it up to the counter and the checkout girl (who I can only assume is approximately 19 years old) was all, “Oh that’s cute. I bought it and brought it back because my boyfriend hated it.” And I was like, “Good thing I don’t care what your boyfriend thinks. I’ll take it.”


  1. Rachel Rachel

    Let me guess….you bought the shoes at Copper Penny or Shooz??

  2. Rachel Rachel

    OMG…if I just kept reading….durrrrrr

    • Katie Katie


  3. Deb Deb

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know I’ve been reading this blog for a while and love your writing. Also really dig the fashion sense; you’ve turned me on to Seychelle shoes (I think it was you) so I wanted to let you know that I found the brand with some super cool/funky/pretty wedges on sale at I find them difficult to buy on sale so I thought I would share! Happy Thursday 🙂

    • Katie Katie

      Thanks, Deb! And we all have my mom to thank for the Seychelles. She bought me the pair that ignited the burning obsession. 🙂

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