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Toast Starring Summer Produce

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Yesterday I had grand plans to go to Chipotle for the billionth time this month but instead I got so excited about my farmers market haul that I delayed mealtime a solid hour just to make this toast happen. It was skip-Chipotle-good.

I’m “training” for a “triathlon”, which is hilarious in itself but less hilarious is me stuck in farmers market traffic at the lunching hour after a fairly substantial bike ride. (And by substantial I mean 45 minutes and by bike ride I mean a spin class at the Y so… It’s going really well.)

I drunkenly agreed to do this race a few weeks ago and am attempting to keep my inebriated word by taking it seriously but the bottom line is: CATS DON’T SWIM. There’s also not a competitive bone in my body so trying to convince me that I’m going to feel bad about myself if I’m the last one out of the water is a terrible, terrible argument because that is actually not a problem.

Anyway, let’s eat toast.

This is a summer feast starring four vegan spreads and the darlings of southern summer produce: tomatoes, dill, cucumbers, RADISHES, yellow squash and green onions. (After my turnip-radish confusion of 2014, I’m going to capitalize RADISH from here on out.)

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I combined them as such…





I don’t have a toaster because I think it’s a tremendous waste of counter space for what I view as little more than a giant crumb receptacle so I spritz my bread with olive oil and toast it in a skillet. I then used the same skillet to fry up the squash and onions and then I assembled each piece according to the combos above. Top with salt and pepper and love your whole life.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 2.00.36 PM

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  1. TaMo TaMo

    A bagel with cream cheese, cucumbers and a splash of Italian salad dressing is one of my summer lunch faves. Second, of course, to cottage cheese and tomatoes (everyday).

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