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Vegan Blueberry Muffin Bread

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Pretty much everything I do successfully is just a result of me not being able to do what I actually wanted to do in the first place. It’s life’s little way of being like, “That’s just enough happiness, Katie.”

Yoga: started because I couldn’t keep doing the thing I actually wanted to do which was run. Marketing: started interning in a marketing office in undergrad because I couldn’t major in what I really wanted to do which was journalism. Writing: started because I couldn’t do what I wanted to do which was express myself verbally like a functioning member of society. Thrifted fashion: started because I couldn’t afford what I wanted which was clothes not worn by other people.

This blueberry muffin bread: started because I didn’t have the muffin liners necessary to make what I really wanted to make which was muffins.

You see how it goes.

Anyway, there’s not much to this other than that you make blueberry muffins and then pour the batter into a loaf pan instead of a muffin tin and bake for an hour and 15 minutes instead of like 12 minutes.

Might I recommend this vegan blueberry muffin recipe.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 10.00.36 PM

And if you’re interested in matching your blueberry bread, this navy and white striped dress from Banana Republic from approximately 10 years ago does the trick.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 10.00.55 PM


  1. TaMo TaMo

    LOVE that dress. Ahhhhhhhhhh, navy.

    • Katie Katie

      I think you probably bought me that a very long time ago…

  2. LOL, I think I had that same dress. I use to wear it with a distressed denim jacket from Abercrombie. I wish I still had it, now!

    • Katie Katie

      Oh Abercrombie…

  3. I was trying to make strawberry shortcake monkey bread cupcakes and after all the prep work realized I only had 4 muffin wrappers…so I had to improv too!

    Do people ever walk into the bathroom and wonder what the heck you’re doing taking pictures? It would give me quite a chuckle!

    • Katie Katie

      Ha! I’m very sneaky…

      Also strawberry shortcake monkey bread cupcakes sound amazing.

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