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Caturday 7.5.14

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I’m sure everyone has been highly agitated by the Caturday downtime the last couple weeks. Sorry. Rest assured my house is as full of cats as it ever was. We were just busy watching fireworks and stuff.

There are more festivities to attend, but I’ll primarily be spending the rest of the weekend looking for a new apartment that can more comfortably accommodate this ridiculous herd. What else is new?

You might recall last year when I moved that I completely lost my mind and rented an office just so Tilly could live in it and be my work cat. I was concerned about moving from a massive two-story, two-bedroom apartment to a studio and having all the cats in such close quarters. In the end, they were fine. Tilly never so much as set eyes on the office, and I spent about six months trying to justify the cost to myself and the world. (There is no way to justify renting your cat an office, for the record.)

This time I’m just getting the biggest apartment I can find. Wish me luck.

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The goal (for the first time since I was 18) is to land somewhere and stay there for more than a year. I have moved every year without fail for the last decade, and I am over it. So I’m putting much thought into it…

The wish list includes:

  • 2 bed, 2 bath so I can get away from the cats (basically they’ll have their own wing)
  • split level (a lofted master or office at a minimum) so I can get away from the cats
  • high up because where most people “need” the ocean, I need the sky (it’s weird)
  • wide open, tons of windows (again, sky.)
  • view (I am that obnoxious person who will pay more for a view because: sky)
  • balcony because the cats love it
  • windows for days
  • somewhere to put litter boxes so no one other than me knows they’re there (very tricky)
  • built-in things for cats to climb on that look like normal apartment things (ie cabinets) to save me the embarrassment of installing actual lofted catwalks and such
  • a kitchen that is not a main thoroughfare for traffic so that maybe, just maybe, the cats will stay the F out of there

Believe it or not, I did find a place meeting these exact specifications (plus a garage!) but it’s 50 feet from the train tracks and I’m doing this shit right or I’m not doing it at all this time around so… no.

Wish us luck.

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  1. Emma Emma

    Happy Caturday!

  2. wishing you luck!!! your list sounds better than my list for buying a house for my 1 year old, so.. I maybe have some work to do as well. Happy house hunting

    • Katie Katie

      Your photography is beautiful!

    • Katie Katie

      I’m not lying to you when I say I started verbally declaring on the daily how much money I am going to make. And just like that the universe made it rain. I believe in magic.

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