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Slingshot Coffee

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The first time I saw Slingshot was on my favorite food photographer’s Instagram. I die over everything she does, but I found this project particularly perfect because I love the company’s branding and the way Vanessa finessed it in the shoot. If you read her creative process behind the coffee shoot, you can see just how much work goes into branding a product and how flawlessly she maintained the integrity of the Slingshot brand in these images.

Being that this particular photographer lives in Brooklyn I drooled over the photos, blindly assumed the coffee was from there too and moved on with my life without a taste test.

And then last week I saw it sitting there on the Whole Foods shelf in all its black and white glory right here in Charlotte. Turns out Slingshot hails from Raleigh. Who knew?

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I bought the concentrate for iced coffee at home. I’d rather spend $11 on this and make 4-5 drinks out of it than get one more $5 watered down disappointment from a coffee shop.

The black and white bottle is capped with a robin’s egg blue sticker detailing the undertones to anticipate–blackberry, citrus and jasmine–and the brew date and coffee origin are handwritten on the side.

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I love everything about this coffee. I’m just mixing it 1:1 with almond milk and ice and it’s pretty perfect if you ask me.

It’s currently only available in the southeast and up as far north as Pennsylvania (check where to buy here), but, lucky you, you can also buy online.

Let me know if you try it!


  1. Cold brew is my jam.
    However, I’m a frugal control-freak – so I make my own.
    If I happen to order iced coffee out, I make damn sure it’s cold-brewed. No iced Americanos for me, thankyouverymuch.

    • Katie Katie

      There is nothing worse than a shitty watered down moderately chilled coffee.

      Have you ever had someone seriously put ice into hot coffee and try to tell you it’s iced coffee? Because I have.

  2. Rachel Rachel

    Cool, brah.

  3. Oh hey, I need that. Like now. That is my weekend goal.

  4. I have to say after reading this post last week I have done nothing but think about getting my hands on one of these Slingshot bottles. However, I may turn into an obsessed iced coffee addict which I really want to avoid! Cheers!

    • Katie Katie

      They are THE best.

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