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The¬†high-waist trend could not have hit at a more perfect time. Gone are my younger dancing days and with them my days of super low-rise, ass crack-baring pants with tiny little inch-long zippers. I find that the older I get, the closer my pants get to my rib cage, and I’m fine with this.

Where we once gambled with a full moon every time we sat down, our butts are now tightly secured under a solid foot of additional fabric. Embrace it, ladies. (Sorry, guys.)

Pairing high-waisted anything with a crop top is my current idea of life on the (securely barricaded) edge. Just enough skin at precisely the smallest part of my body for me to be like, “Yeah I still got it” and just enough coverage everywhere else as a friendly and humbling reminder that I am almost 30.

  • SHOES: Fergalicious bootie (similar)
  • PANTS: BCBG (can’t find anywhere, sorry! kind of similar but mine are wide leg)
  • TOP: Rolla Coaster (from Marshall’s, $9.99)

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HIGH CROP details.jpg

HIGH CROP shoes.jpg



  1. love the look, but hate how those pants are cut at the ankles. maybe they would work better with flats.

  2. This crop top is super cute! Crop tops make abs look more toned, a definite win in my book.

  3. I think you look great! If I wore that my love handles would be popping out. Haha. Question: do you still like the Benefit potent eye cream? I’ve heard mixed review and can’t decide if I should get it or not.

    • Katie Katie

      I loved it! My first little jar lasted about two months and I’ve just been too lazy (cheap) to re-up. I feel like it made a difference but it could have also been drinking more water, less hot yoga, better face care regimen in general… So it’s hard to say with all those variables. But yes, I’d say I like it.

      • amy amy

        Wait…I’m 42 and am way beyond worrying about the inevitable wrinkles creeping up all over, but does hot yoga accelerate aging?! UGH! I haven’t heard that. Can’t win for losing…..

      • Katie Katie

        Haha! No but I do have this theory that dehydrated skin makes fine lines and wrinkles more pronounced. So you need to combat it from both sides–internal hydration with water and external hydration for the skin itself with moisturizers and stuff. That’s my unprofessional opinion on it.

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