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Instalife: Chicago

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Chicago is such a badass city.

Someone tried to tell me yesterday that the people of Chicago aren’t friendly like they are down south. Having spent my first 18 years around here and having had a difficult time acclimating to the south for the last 11, I promptly launched into a rant about how midwestern hospitality is just a little cooler than the arguably oppressive sweet southern warmth.

Chicagoans are incredibly friendly; it’s just a little less conspicuous. But can you really blame a population that endures harsh winters the majority of the year for remaining a little stoic?

If people reflect the climate in which they live, what I can tell you of Chicago is that when the sun comes out you feel like you really earned it. There is nothing better.

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  1. As a fellow born-and-raised Illinoisian, who fell in love with Chicago (and by extension, big cities in general), at a very young age – I have to agree with EVERYTHING you just said.
    I’ve been in and out of the south for 24 years now, and still don’t fit in. Midwesterner for life. 🙂

  2. AM AM

    When my partner moved to Chicago a couple of years ago I expected to HATE it (I’m also a Southern girl), but it took no time at all for it to totally win me over. Granted, I am not there much in the winter, so maybe I’m in a perpetual honeymoon with it, but damn I love that city. Heading there this week! (Hope that doesn’t sound creepy, not stalking you, my loverboy lives there, swearsies).

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