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I love when I walk into a room (or an entire day) and everyone looks at me like, “(eyeroll!) You’re going to be SO uncomfortable in those shoes.” And then 8 hours and like 4 miles later I’m all like, “Anybody want to walk some more because I feel fine you jerks.” (Proving people wrong is my favorite thing.)

And that, my friends, is life with these, the only shoes you will need all summer.

The Lucky Brand cork and elastic strap wedge Marinah sandal is everything you ever wanted in a shoe: sturdy sole, significant height, comfortable straps, and attention at the ankle, arguably one of the more alluring parts of the female body. I don’t know. Ask a man.

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I wore these for miles all over DC last weekend, and they were on my feet for a 12-hour day traipsing around Chicago today too. Despite the height, they’re surprisingly reliable for foot transport. In fact, when I switched to flip flops in DC one day I tripped and almost smashed my face four times. Never doubt the wedge, ladies. It will never fail you.

I have these in black (obviously) and regret not buying the nude ones sooner. If I’m being honest with myself I will probably get them in every color, which says a lot because one of the colors is orange and I have no business owning orange shoes but I just love these that much.

Get them here while you can.


  1. i actually kind of hate you now because I’m probably going to buy those shoes. of all the things I need in my life, more shoes is not one of them. #jerk

    • Katie Katie

      This brings me joy.

  2. Unlike @valeriemorini, I do need #alltheshoes so thanks for the recommendation. Do you find they are true to size? Or should I go bigger/smaller?

    • Katie Katie

      Ha, it wasn’t snarky… Val loves you.

      I do find them true to size, yes. Also the most comfortable shoes ever.

      • You weren’t kidding. Mine just arrive in the mail and I’m OBSESSED with them. Thanks for the rec!

      • Katie Katie


  3. (That sounded snarky and I didn’t mean it that way AT ALL! Sorry @valeriemorini!)

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