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So many letters. I’m talking about a French Connection UK little black & white dress that you can pretend you’re going to wear to Paris one day or something because it is just too cute but not too cute because it’s black. You follow?

I found this gem on a clearance rack at Belk and it was like striking gold (or rubies if I’m following my own lead there).

I’m visiting department stores at a much higher frequency than I used to, and I think it’s because I’ve figured out how to apply my cheapass ways to these glittering debt holes.

Here’s how to shop a department store like a boss…

  1. If it’s less than 50% off DO NOT EVEN TOUCH IT. I’m not kidding. Make a beeline straight to clearance and do not consider anything that isn’t at least half its retail price. After working in retail and seeing the astronomical markups they put on this stuff, I will never (ever) pay full price again. I once shopped a warehouse sale at the J.Crew/Madewell distributor outside Asheville. It’s this weird secretive thing where you have to call to get the dates. You show up at dawn to wait in line with hundreds of other nuts and are handed a garbage bag to collect your goods. You can’t try anything on but it’s all 75-90% off so you can’t really go wrong. It’s very eye-opening to see their products piled in cardboard boxes like the cheap mass produced shit that it truly is. There is an art and a psychological science to merchandising a store in a way that it entices you to buy. (I know because I studied it and did it at lululemon.) But when you strip all of that away and dig around in a cardboard box, it’s really hard to justify the high price tag. Moral of the story: CLEARANCE ONLY.
  2. Just try it on. When clothes are crammed onto clearance racks instead of properly displayed on disproportionately sized mannequins, it’s hard to tell if they’re going to be worth your time or not. Just try everything it on. You never know.
  3. Dress down. Sales clerks love to share their unsolicited opinions and try to schmooze you into buying more crap. That is, of course, unless you’re dressed like you just rolled out of bed and give zero shits about what anyone thinks about that. I always enjoy shopping like this because I like knowing that I have more money than they think I do just like Jennifer Lopez in that scene in Selena when the sales girl tells her she can’t try something on because she clearly can’t afford it and then she buys it. Boom. Snaps, girl. (Don’t pay retail.)

Anyway, I got this cute little $160 FCUK dress for $60. I win, Belk. I just found it on French Connection’s site (still full price) and I am dying over the white one. Need.

  • SHOES: Fergalicious (you heard me) faux suede black dreamer wedge (DSW)
  • DRESS: French Connection summer bark dress (here)
  • NECKLACE: some cheap thing I got somewhere sometime
  • BAG: super old Hobo clutch (similar Zappo’s)


FCUK details.jpg

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Remember that time I said I would never (ever) pay retail again? I’m seriously considering it to get the white version of this dress. Want.

See you next week when we’ll be discussing high-waisted pants and crop tops and how I can’t control myself around this trend.

HIGH CROP details.jpg


  1. TaMo TaMo

    Cute dress. The leftovers on the clearance rack are ALWAYS in your tiny size. Lucky girl!

  2. TaMo TaMo

    Remember that time we were in a store in Chicago (Macy’s, I think) and they had this huge banner that read FCUK. It did take a minute, I remember. ; )

  3. TaMo TaMo

    Flipping channels this morning and saw Candace Cameron Burre (Full House) wearing that dress. I recognized it immediately. US magazine should do a “who wore it better” picture. She’s cute in it, just like you.

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