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How to Make Brown Sugar (Because Who Remembers to Buy Brown Sugar? No one.)

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This is one of the best things I learned in grad school, which doesn’t say a whole lot about the things I learned in grad school. The fact that the lasting nugget of information from nutrition school is a sugary baking hack says a whole lot about why I’m not a dietitian right now. Nevertheless, it has saved me from many a last-minute run to the store when all I really want to do is eat baked goods. So let’s make brown sugar, shall we?

Let me know if this was only surprising to me but I had NO idea that brown sugar is just sugar with molasses in it. Yeah, you heard right. Brown sugar is sugar with molasses in it. Process that.

(I really hope this surprises at least one other person otherwise this whole post and my masters degree are both very unnecessary.)

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I pride myself on keeping a kitchen stocked enough to at a minimum feed me and entertain the occasional visitor with a glass of wine and some assorted dips. I keep a stocked bar, complete with cocktail shaker. And I’ve got all the baking essentials–sugar, flour, baking soda and such. But I’ll be damned if I ever remember to buy brown sugar.

If, like me, you never have any brown sugar but somehow manage to keep blackstrap molasses at the ready (like that is in any way normal), the following equation can save your day.

1 cup sugar + 1 tablespoon molasses = brown sugar

Go forth and make blondies, you food scientists.


  1. Amy Amy

    I also had no idea!

  2. TaMo TaMo

    There are tricks for keeping brown sugar fresh. Google it and then, you can keep brown sugar.

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