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Pour Over Coffee Because You are Fancy


Move over wine snobs. Coffee is the new elitist drink in town. If you’ve never had coffee with a coffee snob and all you can taste is coffee, you can pretty much say the same bullshit you say about wine that just tastes like wine: Ah yes, delicate floral aroma, caramel-like undertones and a buttery finish with just a subtle hint of Peruvian grass pooped out by an alpaca.

Something like that.

I’ve never actually purchased a pour over coffee. I find aggressive hipster baristas about as appealing as aggressive hipster music fans (which is not at all) so I just keep my distance. I don’t want anyone to roll their eyes at me.

Anyway, I’ve never purchased pour over coffee in public because I’m too impatient and I don’t want it to shine through and have the baristas be like, “Take this girl back to Starbucks where she belongs!” So I just make it at home.

Pour over is a method of brewing coffee wherein water is poured over coffee grounds (get it?) through a filter-lined funnel and directly into your mug of choice.


There are all kinds of rules and methods and special gear and other things I don’t know about. I pretty much just:

  1. Grind coffee
  2. Boil water
  3. Place filter in funnel
  4. Pour a little hot water in to wet the filter
  5. Discard that water
  6. Fill filter with two scoops of coffee grounds
  7. Pack grounds down
  8. Slowly pour water over grounds in a circular motion avoiding the edges
  9. Drink coffee

That’s it.

pour over.jpg

I like the pour over method because:

  • I don’t like unnecessary things on my counter so I don’t have a coffee maker.
  • A coffee maker makes entirely too much coffee for one person and I can never figure out the right ratios.
  • You can tell if someone loves you if you only have one dripper and you both want coffee and they make yours first.
  • You kind of can’t multitask while doing this so it’s a nice focused little morning ritual.
  • I hate Keurigs because those little K-cups are too expensive and I don’t like cleaning out that reusable filter either.
  • I like my tea kettle a lot and I get to use it every day now.
  • People seem to think my ability to make pour over coffee makes me hip and relevant.
  • I broke my French press and didn’t buy another one so this is it.

I have the Hario V60 ceramic dripper, which you can find here. Don’t forget your filters!


  1. Coffee snob here.
    And even so, it’s hilarious to me how hip pour-over coffee has become. I’ve literally been making it this way for 15 years, when necessary (i.e. – at my Gram’s house, ALWAYS; and when I lived in England because I was too poor to buy a French press, etc). Currently I rely far too much on my nice Cuisinart coffee maker to get me through the week. Though I try to have lazy Sunday French press mornings! Coffeeeeeeee!

  2. houdekj houdekj

    You lost me with that long description…that is fancy. I’ll stick to my organic instant coffee which is great for lazy non-coffee-pot owners.

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