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Let’s Be Irrational.

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I fall for silent auctions every time because they show the estimated value next to the minimum bid and it seems like such a steal. This is also how TJMaxx gets all my money. I buy things I don’t even need just because they’re so much cheaper than they’re supposed to be. This (and free-flowing wine) is how I almost ended up with a 7-night stay in Antigua last night. I did manage to control myself and seriously considered bidding on the $18 (estimate value $90!) towel set instead just to get it out of my system but somehow curbed that urge too.

The moral of this story is I won nothing at the silent auction last night.

Truth be told, I don’t even know where Antigua is, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to go. I would go pretty much anywhere right now. My travel itch is basically at flesh-eating virus stage and it’s making me pretty damn irrational. So irrational, I’m considering moving to NYC for the summer.

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It’s not too out-of-control irrational since we do have an office up there and I can just work from Soho. But my scheme to drive my cats to Chicago to stay with my mom (hey mom!) and then sell my car to finance the adorable apartment I’m going to rent and then fly from there to NYC is a little unruly, I suppose. I realize my desire to move to New York to “relax” is kind of the antithesis of what New York is, but that’s my drive. Plus I did manage to find in apartment in the amount of time it took me to eat a bowl of ice cream so I feel like surely must be a sign.

This is just what happens when I return to a life of structure and comfort. I start looking for ways to flip it upside down. It’s just what I do.

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Other irrational things I’ve explored in the last 48 hours include: moving back to Spain (sure, Katie), jetting off to that island yoga retreat again (not that far-fetched), getting a tattoo (hey mom!) and parting my hair down the middle and probably dying it either super dark brown and/or blonde-ish. See how out of control this is right now?

Let’s be irrational.



  1. Amy Amy

    Love it!

  2. I completely support your idea/decision to move to NYC for the summer. WHY NOT?! You already have all the plans in place, ready for execution… I say do it. Pull the trigger. Sounds amazing!

    (I am also a turn-life-upside-down-at-a-moment’s-notice kind of a gal so maybe I’m not the voice of reason you need right now…)

    • This is exactly the voice of reason I need.

  3. TaMo TaMo

    Perhaps I should talk to your boss. Apparently, you are not working hard enough and have too much time on your hands. I love the cats…………in Charlotte. I love you……….in Charlotte. AND i don’t love tattoos………..on you!

  4. Katie, you are literally my exact opposite. Every single thing you just listed gave me anxiety. That being said, I’d love to live vicariously through your summer in NYC, so go for it, girl.

  5. NYC was my irrational decision too. 3 years later…it was the best decision of my life. I try to be irrational at least every few months. I’m talking extreme(ish) things. YOLO, right?

    • Cheers to this. (Hair fluff)

  6. DO. IT.

    In my twenties I picked up and moved over to England, TWICE (a few years apart). I lined up a job online, and I was GONE.
    When I don’t have a significant other (that phrase – groan), I’m hard to keep in one place. (Problem is I’ve had a s.o. for 8 years now. We travel, but not enough for me. He’s a homebody).
    Anyway… GO.
    NYC is fantastic.
    I’m with you… I feel more alive and content in a large city. (Charlotte doesn’t cut it).

    I look forward to your adventures.
    Also, get the fucking tattoo (sorry TaMo) and dye your hair. 🙂

    • This is the greatest pep talk.

  7. There is no blog like yours…keep it coming! I pop over to your blog for my lightheartedness infusion daily. You tell it like it is and live it authentically. Well done. Bravo.

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