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Pantry Raid: Stocking a Vegetarian Kitchen

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What do vegetarians eat? I get this question all the time.

As pervasive as vegetarianism seems in my hippy little yogic subculture, a meat-free diet remains an anomaly (especially in my neck of the woods). But with Meatless Mondays on the rise and more and more omnivores opting for at least an occasional vegetarian meal, the question remains: What do vegetarians eat?

Here’s a quick little kitchen tour of what’s stocked in my kitchen at all times.


Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios

I top most of my meals (oatmeal, salads, quinoa bowls, etc.) with a sprinkling of nuts for extra fat and protein. They’re also a standard snack with a handful of raisins and chocolate chips.


Corn, brown rice, quinoa, oats, grits

These make up the base of most of my meals. I’m on an almost daily oatmeal kick for breakfast. Lunch and dinner usually involves some kind of roasted vegetables over rice or quinoa. Grits because I live in the south, hello. And the corn… I recently discovered that you can pop corn in a covered saucepan on the stove. It’s awesome.

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Agave, honey, blackstrap molasses, maple syrup

I actually don’t do much sweetening of things and I’d hardly consider sweeteners a necessary part of a vegetarian pantry but… I thought it was kind of ridiculous that I have all of these. I use them almost exclusively for baking projects with the exception of the pumpkin-spiced whipped honey, which is INSANE over coconut yogurt.

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“Meat & Dairy”

Almond milk, coconut yogurt, tempeh, tofu

Obviously there’s no meat in a vegetarian kitchen and I’m actually not doing dairy right now either so this is technically a vegan kitchen but anyway… I’ve always hated milk so┬ádairy alternatives are always on hand. My standard daily milk is unsweetened almond milk. I use soy creamer for coffee because it’s the BEST. I recently discovered coconut yogurt and am so pleased… Tofu and tempeh are always on hand, and we all know I like a good trashy processed soysauge.


So that’s what’s on hand basically all the time. Then once a week I’ll go to the grocery to stock up on fresh produce…


I am neurotic about keeping my kitchen clean and organized and trying to eat everything I buy every week so waste is at a minimum. I find that if the fridge and pantries are organized like a grocery store there is a higher likelihood of this happening. The same can be said for organizing your closet like an appealing boutique if your end goal is to wear everything you have instead of recycling the same thing over and over again…

But that’s another tale for another time. Currently my closet houses an office because I have nowhere else to put anything. At least my pantry is organized…



  1. Great post! We are a meat loving house (we farm and harvest all of our meats) but I am trying to keep lunch vegetarian. This is great. And the idea of keeping the fridge like the grocery story is fantastic. I am looking forward to a closet post because I def. recycle through my clothes.

    • My closet literally has a desk in it right now. It’s so awful.

  2. Amy Amy

    may I ask what you use that coconut cream for? I accidentally bought it once thinking it was coconut milk and I didn’t know what to do with it.

    • I haven’t used it yet! I picked it up because I want to learn how to make coconut whipped cream and that seems to be the answer. I’ll let you know how it goes…

      • The BEST coconut whipped cream/ cool whip is on “OhSheGlows”
        It is seriously the easiest thing and all it involves is some coconut milk, your choice of sweetener and a little vanilla. It is revolutionary

      • Thanks!

  3. Caroline Caroline

    Love it! need to organize my fridge like whoa. About how much does your grocery bill run a

    • I spend about $100/month I think but I’m positive I can do better than that. That’s just my lazy ass buying like 8 kombuchas I definitely don’t need… A grocery budget challenge would be fun.

      • Caroline Caroline

        Only $100?? That’s impressive! I was thinking all the fresh produce and stuff would run more. But I’m terrible about meal planning. I swear I manage to walk out of trader joes with a bag full of non-meals.

      • Amy Amy

        $25/week?! I think you meant $100/week right? that kombucha alone would be $25/week!

      • Yes! I meant $100/week. Huge difference.

  4. I LOVE that almond milk! It is the BEST! Also, what do you think about that protein powder that you have in your cupboard? Have you tried Vega One and , if so, how does it compare?

    • That Raw Protein is the BEST I’ve ever tried. I find Vega to be way overbearing and too sweet. The Raw one is masked pretty nicely by whatever else I put in it, which is what I’m going for. I’m not really into protein powder in smoothies unless I’m hardcore working out or running or something. In those instances I feel like an extra 20g protein couldn’t hurt. Otherwise I don’t bother.

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