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Healthy as Hell

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I was healthy as hell today.

I’ve been ultra lazy on the food front lately. Over a lifetime my diet has run the gamut from McDonald’s on the daily to shitty chemical-laden diet foods to hyper-vigilant organic whole foods only, and right now I’m somewhere around the “Mmmmeh let’s drink vodka and order french fries at 2am on a Monday” zone. I’d hardly say I’m unhealthy; I’m just… bored and uninspired. I never really cook or experiment in the kitchen anymore or get particularly excited about my food at all. I swear to god if I eat one more sad sorryass soysage…

So after a week of back to back to back events filled with alcohol and garbage food, I decided to throw it back to my earlier blogging days and give a damn about what I eat. Naturally, it involved all the usual suspects: a green smoothie, almond butter, the Whole Foods hot bar and a famous food blogger recipe. Hi, 2009 called and it says DON’T FORGET THE BANANA SOFT SERVE.

My smoothie was easy sleazy–frozen banana, almond milk, frozen spinach and ginger root–and followed by a 3-mile run. (WHO AM I?)


I grabbed iced coffee for running aimless Sunday errands, which included picking up Angela’s Oh She Glows Cookbook and Whole Foods for lunch. I’m a walking stereotype.

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Angela’s book is beautiful and flawlessly executed. It’s stuffed full of the same kind of quality recipe creation we’ve all learned to know and love on her blog and is (in my opinion) one of the most successful web-to-print food blogger transitions I’ve seen yet.

I stocked up on some goods to make her Protein Power Goddess Bowl for dinner (and it’s awesome). I also whipped up some overnight oats for the week and am definitely making Yolos (vegan Rolos) later.

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 8.40.16 PM

Never one to skip a dessert, I stuffed some dates with almond butter and chocolate chips and did not regret it.

Anybody else hopping back on (or falling off) the health wagon?


  1. I absolutely *love*! It’s my go-to site for easy, healthy, delish recipes and can be squarely counted on when time is of the essence. Glad to hear your positive review of her *gasp!* REAL book!! 🙂

  2. I kind of need to get back on that kick….
    also i want to get angela’s book now! maybe that will inspire me.

  3. Anne Marie Anne Marie

    Healthy… depends on your take on butter coffee. Every damn day, y’all.


      • Oh man. look it up. also commonly referred to as “Bulletproof Coffee.” It’s for real. I am aiming for salads for lunch every day and making it meatless.

      • Looked it up! No one believed me when I told them…

  4. This has totally made my Monday morning! I’m planning on hopping back on too

  5. Thank the Lord for no longer working at a church (wait, is that sacrelige… eh, I’ll be more careful) giving me long, easy Sundays of food prep. Currently I put together smoothie packs for quick smoothie blending, brownie batter protein overnight oats, 2 big meals to eat from throughout the week – usually Indian. Or stuffed peppers. Or farro with lots of whateverIhaveonhand inside. Then grill off some chicken. Roast a large smattering of vegetables. And voila! Non-missionary-healthy-eating-and-much-happier-me.

    • I just want you to feed me.

  6. This post is my life. MY LIFE. I’m desperately trying to get back on the proverbial wagon, but I have so many social engagements (woe is me) that it’s really hard. I go about two days before entering the let’s drink [whiskey] and order french fries zone. Intervention!

    • Haha, don’t you love us whining about all the fun parties we have to go to… WOMP WOMP.

  7. courtney courtney

    I planned out all my meals this week in hopes of hoppin’ back on the wagon, too! I also wouldn’t consider myself unhealthy, but my Peeps intake has grown exponentially since Easter. Here’s to feeeeeeeelin’ good!

  8. my peeps intake has grown exponentially since easter, so i, too, am trying to make over my diet a bit this week. meal planning and having time to really grocery shop helps tremendously! here’s to feelin’ (and lookin’) good! xx

  9. I am a total lurker on your blog but thought I would chime in and say thank you for always being so honest and not just posting the highlights – food or otherwise. I was mostly eating comfort food all winter and just hit the ropes on that. I had the stomach flu for a couple of days and that is one hell of a reset button!! So I am back on the green smoothie train along with some moderation – too much healthy can be stifling. I also live in North Carolina … and do I spy chicken fried tofu in your salad? That stuff is no joke. Enjoy!

    • Thanks, Pamela! This is so nice.

      And YES, that’s chicken-fried tofu. My favorite.

  10. I need to reset my eating habits of late. I’ve done a lot of eating out lately, mostly the weekends, because the man friend and I are constantly out and about. It’s hard to decide what to eat on those occasions when I am suppose to watch my cholesterol and sugar. I promised myself I’d start being more cautious and get back to working out this week. So far I am fail. I needed your post!

    • I hear you on the manfriend. I’ve re-entered the dating world and it’s basically just a whole lot of eating and drinking. A WHOLE LOT.

  11. Amanda Bee Amanda Bee

    I am with you. This semester sucked (bluruhghghgh why did I go to grad school) but it’s (mostly) over now and I’m back on the real-food train. Or at least, the eating-veggies-most-days train. I even worked out two days in a row. So far, so good.

    • Eating-veggies-most-days sounds like an excellent best-selling diet book.

  12. Jeannie Jeannie

    In an attempt to give a damn about what I eat, I also bought that book! I’m still patiently awaiting my package from Amazon…it’s been almost a week…and my lack of cookbook has been my excuse to eat garbage.

    Umm, that date concoction looks AMAZING!

    • Haha Amazon Prime, girl!

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