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Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 11.37.04 PM

I got a request (just one) for more outfit posts so here is that.

Here are a few things I love right this very second…

This peplum top from H&M.Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 11.34.44 PM

I was always afraid of peplum because I feel like it succeeds only in giving you body parts you shouldn’t actually have, but as it turns out it’s just kind of a weird cute little poof. Today my friends told me that resale shops wash the clothes before they’re sold and while I absolutely do not believe them (if they did then why do the stores smell so weird??) but I totally bought this at a resale shop anyway. Worth it. [The script necklace is CC Skye.]

This purple blazer.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 11.34.55 PM

God I hate blazers. They’re so boxy and atrocious when done wrong and up until purchasing this off a sale rack at Macy’s a few weeks ago, I have always done them wrong. This one is light and flowy and relaxed but polished. It’s barIII and I bought a similar style in black because when it works, buy it in every color. [The chain purse is Forever 21. The shoes are Tom’s. The briefcase is Tori Burch.]

This Aztec print skirt.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 11.35.05 PM

Target, I hate you. I went in to get toothpaste and came out with this. Why you gotta do me like that? I think it was worth it though because it’s a rare pop of color and print in my otherwise black & white striped wardrobe. [The shoes are Seychelles. The top is Urban Outfitters and I wish I had it in every color.]

These Michael Kors jeans.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 11.35.20 PM

I’m not a jeans girl. I mean, I wear them because they’re a thing and you’re supposed to, but I’m not one of those girls who thinks they’re the best, most comfortable things on earth. Not wearing any pants at all is the best, most wonderful thing on earth. Anyway, Dillard’s has this outrageous sale the last weekend of every month where everything is like a million percent off of sale price (or something). I found these $200 pants for like $20, and they kind of make me appreciate jeans. I like the double zippers on both sides and the not having holes in them like all my other shitty jeans.

Those black pumps in the last picture are probably the most expensive thing I own, and I bought them in 2007. I was fresh out of college and on my way to a meeting in Naples (Italy) for my first real-person job. I had less than 24 hours to take-off and felt major pressure to look wealthier than I was for a meeting with a major Italian cruise line so I spent all my dollars on those shoes and then cursed them on the cobblestone streets. They are pretty much torn to shreds today, but I love them and will wear them until they disintegrate. [There’s that Urban Outfitters top again. I NEED MORE.]


This week I bought some high-waisted acid-wash jeans from Marshall’s that I know you’re just dying to see. So until next time…


  1. The shoes back story! Did you get the job, or was that one of those “I flew to Italy for a job interview and all I got was these super fancy shoes” moments?

    • Haha, I already had the job. It was a client meeting…

  2. Hey- I love these posts! They give me hope and inspiration for my own wardrobe!!!!
    Thanks! OH and you must do a corresponding “Shopping Marshalls and TJMaxx Post!

  3. Jess Watson Jess Watson

    Damn you are sooooo fly!

  4. Amy Amy

    so when you say last weekend of every month, does that mean sale this weekend??!!

  5. apples apples

    man, you sure do like taking photos of yourself.

    • You sure do like reading a blog you don’t like.

      • apples apples

        Absolutely! Waiting for the day you get over yourself.

  6. Amy Amy

    I hope the above comment from Apple is a joke. We love your blog and your photos…we asked for them…don’t let one rotten “apple” spoil it for the rest of us. This is my favorite are hilarious!

  7. Clearly, ‘Apples’ should change her alias to ‘hater-ade’ or enviously-green apple (seems to me only a female could feel this urge to compete with you, but I suppose there could just as easily be some jealous dude out there)! You have to be able to love yourself first, before you can help others. You CAN be both fashion-friendly/hip/pretty AND socially conscientious. Love your light-hearted blog and fun-spirit! Bravo. Ps: those blondies are to die for.

    • It’s all good. She has loved to hate me forever.

  8. Ordered Isa’s book on Vegan cookies after trying the blondie recipe you posted here & love it! The very first recipe for chocolate chip cookies were a hit. In return for this great tip (as I have very recently become dairy-free), I happily recommended your blog on my blog 🙂

    • I LOVE that book. So glad you got it. And thanks for the blog love!

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