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Macaroni and Cheese

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I made my first macaroni and cheese this weekend. It was for Easter at my brother’s house and his request was simple: “For the love of god and all that is holy just use real cheese. None of this vegan bullshit.”

Done. I turned to Google and picked the second result for “best macaroni and cheese” which turned out to be from a blog about vegetarians and meat eaters living peacefully together. Perfect. Cheese and noodles are an ideal┬áculinary olive branch.

You’ll find the macaroni and cheese recipe on Kitchen Treaty. I did it exactly as instructed with the exception that I didn’t have dry mustard and I also saved a little of the cheese sauce to pour over gluten-free noodles that I got for my sister. Then I got to the house and she was eating a gluten-full biscuit. I cannot win.

Anyway, the mac and cheese is a major winner in my book and fit in nicely with our NO CARB LEFT BEHIND meal.


Not a green thing in sight. Definitely lunch at my brother’s house.


We spent the rest of the day taking pictures with baby Charlotte and playing Heads Up. (If you don’t have that app you NEED it. Solid use of $0.99.)

It will go on record as one of my favorite holidays ever.




  1. That’s the kind of meal I enjoy! Your family is gorgeous, and I love heads up!

  2. TaMo TaMo

    Your parents must be soooooooooo good looking. You all are gorgeous! ; )

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