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What I’m Reading 4.6.14

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Every once in the a while the Internet is full of excellent things that are not lists of garbage from Buzzfeed. Today is one of those days.

Stop Accumulating Stuff and Start Accumulating Experiences – Officially the next book in my Kindle queue, James Wallman’s Stuffocation takes a hard look at materialism, why it no longer fulfills us, and how we should live in the future. The solution, he says (in this excerpt printed in FastCo), is found not in minimalism or simple living but in experientialism–collecting experiences instead of things. It’s not about not spending money but instead about spending money without having anything physical to show for it in the end. The practical challenge presented is to spend the same amount of money you spend every month but make no material accumulation along the way. Sounds kind of awesome.

Portraits of Reconciliation – This is the most powerful thing I’ve seen anywhere in a long time. It’s a series of portraits and interviews with survivors of the Rwandan genocide and the perpetrators they pardoned. Said one woman who granted pardon to the man who killed her children: “Many among us had experienced the evils of war many times, and I was asking myself what I was created for. The internal voice used to tell me, ‘‘It is not fair to avenge your beloved one.’’ It took time, but in the end we realized that we are all Rwandans. The genocide was due to bad governance that set neighbors, brothers and sisters against one another. Now you accept and you forgive. The person you have forgiven becomes a good neighbor. One feels peaceful and thinks well of the future.” 

Biz Stone’s Homework Policy and the Rules of Rule-Breaking – Officially the second book in my Kindle queue (after I finish Man Repeller and then Stuffocation, of course). Twitter founder Biz Stone’s Things a Little Bird Told Me is a look at “the power of creativity and how to harness it.” This excerpt tells the story of his high school rule to do absolutely no homework. The catch? He told all of his teachers his plan and vowed to be alert and engaged during every single class to absorb the material without the need for after-hours study. The result? Well, he created this little thing called Twitter so…

West Elm’s Icovia Room Planner – So this is not reading but it’s cool. Even if you don’t plan to buy from West Elm this tool is an awesome way to visualize your space. I’m in the market for a couch and while I may or may not get it at West Elm, I can still open up this tool, enter the dimensions of my space and the furniture I plan to buy from wherever, and see if I will hate it or not.

A Passover Haggadha as Commented on by Elie Wiesel – Tis the season, right? I don’t know. As a follower of no organized religion myself, my knowledge of world religions (and their holidays) in general is just woefully inadequate. So when I couldn’t sleep past 6a this morning, this is what I read. Now I know.

Pentatonix Evolution of Beyonce – And finally… This is old but was news to me. And makes my life.

The Picture

That smoothie in the top image is my current favorite cinnamon smoothie–1 banana, 2 cups almond milk, 3 dates, and a metric shit ton of cinnamon. So good.


  1. Wow. That NYT piece was truly breathtaking. On a lighter note, so was the Yonce mashup. I should probably feel troubled that my reaction to both things was similar….

    • This is why we’re (Internet) friends.

  2. Yes to this. Can the internet just feature a tribute to the majestic being that is Beyonce every day? Preferably one including an eclectic collection of individuals such as the one above who conceivably grew up together, hated one another in high school, but were united in friendship ten years later solely by their love for her…

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