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It’s Sunday.

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Well I’ve had a pretty monumental little Sunday over here. First, I woke up thinking it was Monday but as we both know it was definitely Sunday because I already told you that. So in a rare feat of true total personality abandonment, I stayed in bed and read a book with what felt like my surprise extra day of weekend. In doing so I finally concluded that I just don’t like reading fiction. I know everyone is going to be super offended by this and offer me a long list of recommendations but I’m telling you: I don’t like it. Give me biographies and memoirs and history and whatever else all day long.

This realization is at once frustrating and freeing. So without much more thought I promptly abandoned The Goldfinch and bought Man Repeller–fashion blogger Leandra Medine’s memoir about the clothes she loves that men definitely hate. Stop judging me.

The Y doesn’t open until noon on Sundays, which sucks because that’s when everyone is supposed to be at church but I’m not ever at church so while I was waiting I went shoe shopping instead.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 5.25.50 PM

I regret to inform you that two of my three purchases are brand Fergalicious. As in made by Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas. As in something I was maybe not supposed to purchase. Don’t care.

They are (from left to right): the Fergalicious Dreamer in black, Lifestride Parigi in taupe, and the Fergalicious Hanna in bark.

I also went to Target (my nemesis) for kitty litter and such. I hit a major milestone in my adulthood because 1) I brought a coupon for $0.50 off Hefty trash bags and 2) seriously considered buying an iron (which I did not do but thought about for several seconds).

After that I finally went to the gym for a hot second and did little more than get on the stairmaster and read Adam Rhew’s seriously solid murder mystery feature in Charlotte Magazine: Shadows by the Sea. (Read that biz. Nonfiction, y’all.)

Apparently butts are the new boobs, which just gives me one more thing to feel fully inadequate and neurotic about. How do body parts get trendy? They do. Boobs were big in the 90s. (See what I did there?) Then it was totally sternums in the early 2000s. Most recently thigh gap and bikini bridge are a very big deal on Pinterest. And now butts. We cannot win.

After fake working out I went to Trader Joe’s to buy a whole bunch of cheese. We have a grilled cheese cook off at work tomorrow and I have big plans to win. I can’t tell you what’s in my grilled cheese because my coworkers will copy it, but rest assured there are multiple cheeses, butter and a special bread.

UPDATE: I’ve been informed by my boss on Twitter that the grilled cheese cook off is next Monday but I think he might be lying in an attempt to sabotage my win so I’m going to bring my grilled cheese supplies anyway.

Aaand finally, I cleaned out my closet to prepare it for spring even though it’s 50 degrees and rainy. Again.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 5.26.03 PM

I got this cute little delicate tank top that can best be described as a napkin at Marshall’s for $9. At this rate with the weather I’ll be able to wear it in, like, July.


  1. I hear grilled cheese competitions are cutthroat. Not to be taken lightly. Good luck to you.

    • I totally practiced today. I think I’m ready.

  2. What is bikini bridge?
    Grilled cheeses are awesome. I look forward to the grilled cheese recape.
    The napkin is very summery.

  3. i hope you enjoyed your sunday! i slept in and lingered in bed reading for hours before getting up to make coffee. then i wished i could do it all over again. happy monday!

    • Not a bad way to start the day, right? Monday wasn’t as smooth but no complaints… Have a good one!

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