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Lots of New Things


I learned recently that eye cream is the secret to not looking haggard. No one ever told me this. Lacking an older, wiser, beauty product-savvy sister, I feel like I missed some major developmental milestones, which is why I look to my brow girl to school me on all things upkeep. Because never am I a more captive audience than when you are pouring hot wax on my face.

So last time she was working on me and asked, “So uh, what kind of eye cream are you using?” and I was like, “Uhhhhh, the same lotion I put on my face??” (which is often the same lotion I put on my body but she doesn’t need to know that), I knew I was about to learned.

As it turns out, face lotion is the first of many creams and serums you are supposed to be slathering on your face. And honestly, most days I don’t even put that on. Did you also know there’s one lotion for daytime and another one for nighttime? Goddddd, I cannot win.

I know what you’re thinking: Shut up. You’re 28. You’re 28 and I can see your face here on the interweb so shut up. And I have a one-word rebuttal for that: FILTERS.

Anyway, last month I decided to get serious about this lotion business. I bought a MF $65 face cream (SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS) and I also started washing my face every night, which was a pretty big step, unfortunately. I have one of those mini spinning scrub brush things that if you ask me looks pretty dangerous next to your face but it does seem to remove all things and also exfoliate so fine.

So I had this nice little routine going where I was actually washing my face and putting on my Jesus-blessed face cream everyday and was feeling pretty fresh and fly (if you will). Then I go to get my eyebrows done and am made aware of the fact that my eyes could “use a little waking up.” (Do you mean to tell me coffee doesn’t do this?) So I bought it.


Listen. I don’t fall for a lot of things. I’m really good at walking straight past those mall kiosk vultures and I also have only bought like one thing off an informercial (in 28 years!). So when I tell you I bought this it’s because the second she put it on me I noticed a difference. I was also worried that she wouldn’t put it on the second eye until I said I would buy it and I was concerned about one eye looking dead.

The moral of this story is that I really like the eye cream and I recommend it. I also learned from Mary-Kate and Ashley (you know, my friends) that you’re supposed to keep putting it on all day. Yes. All day long you keep reapplying moisturizer. If you say you already knew this and have been doing it I don’t believe you at all. No one does that but the Olsen twins. And now me.

So that’s the story about how I got some eye cream.

Here are some other new things I’m trying…

I’m trying to drag myself out of a food rut and all this means is that I bought all the most expensive, unnecessary items from Trader Joe’s and then put them all in one meal.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 11.51.18 PM

This week I picked up: black garlic, meyer lemons, unfiltered olive oil, and some kind of super greens mix of brussels sprouts and kale. I used those exotic items to top a toasted whole wheat tortilla slathered in tahini. I also added fried chickpeas, avocado, and pink Himalayan sea salt.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 11.51.39 PM

What other things should I get from Trader Joe’s? I feel like there’s a whole frozen appetizers section I’ve never even touched…


  1. I will have to try that eye cream. I bought an all natural kind called Queen Bee. It had lots of good reviews, but so far I can’t tell a difference. As far as Trader Joe’s, I bought some European style yogurt and it’s good. Kind of runny compared to Greek. Also, I saw they’re carrying cashew meal now. Good for gluten free baking!

    • Ooh, cashew meal! I’ve only gotten their almond meal…

  2. I am a fool for all things face…… But you know what the best things I have found? Cleanser (night and day) is TJ’s coconut oil (it really does work), nighttime moisturizer grade A shea butter (from Soul Shea), and day moisturizer Collective Well Being SPF 15. I am currently using Estee Lauder eye cream, so I must try this brand! Does it work on dark circles (do you know?).
    P.S. I am a pale freckled white girl and the oil and butter work!

    • You cleanse with the coconut oil?? I use it as a moisturizer but didn’t know it would do the cleaning job.

      • Yes! Try it! Coconut oil on a dry face then put warm/ hot wash cloth on your face and let sit for a couple minutes then wipe off. It will change your life ( lots of good stuff can be found on google too) a friend of mine also uses it with her clairisonic and loves it!

  3. currypollo currypollo

    Hey! Love your blog! I recently got a facial and the lady told me that I should only be using my clarisonic spin brush 2 x / week. I think she said it dries out the skin? I just joined birch box and have put off buying a new face cream until my samples come in as I’m cheap and hoping it will include some face cream. As for trader joes, have you tried the frozen super food quinoa with butternut squash and kale? It’s not an app but you can stuff Crimini mushrooms with the quinoa.

    • OH MY GOD I JUST BOUGHT THAT SUPERFOOD QUINOA. I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t know why I’m that excited about it.

      Good advice on the Clarisonic…

      I feel you on the Birch Box samples. I do kind of feel like I’m paying $10 for packaging but I have found some items I really liked.

  4. Pickles & Honey Pickles & Honey

    Have you read the book No More Dirty Looks? They also have an awesome blog, and it basically made me want to toss every product I owned and get new ones (and I have been over the last year). It’s awful for my bank account, but I like to think good for me and the environment. For eye cream, I use 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. It’s affordable, helps with puffiness, and if you love coffee, you will probably love this. On the fancier side, Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum is also very nice. Other amazing brands: Osmia Organics, Lina Hanson, and May Lindstrom (May’s stuff is in a league of its own).

    • I must have that caffeine eye cream.

  5. My face routine is riiiiidiculous. I wash with a cleanser, then use “freshener” to grab any remnants the cleanser might have missed. After that I use a 35spf protectant and anti-aging combo cream. THEN after that soaks in I use anti-aging moisturizer and anti-aging eye cream. Annnnd the next stage is foundation primer that I let soak in for a few minutes before starting my make up process. At night I wash my face and use one of those scrubbing brush things, then the freshener, followed by a anti-aging gel and finally, moisturizer and eye cream. It’s a lot of steps but completely worth it. Products with sunscreen are important. They help keep wrinkles at bay. (Hi that was a lot of info lol) I’ve never heard of reapplying during the day, but it definitely can’t hurt.

    I’ve used that Benefit eye cream before. It’s good stuff.

    That looks yummy!

    • Now I feel like I’m behind the curve again…

      • Don’t! I think I’m just one of those weird makeup obsessed people.

  6. KK KK

    Trader Joe’s frozen indian dinners and garlic naan are amazeballs.

    • Yesss I have wanted to try that naan.

  7. Amy Amy

    Do you know if that Benefit eye cream is tested on animals? I need to get something but I won’t buy anything that supports animal testing.

    • Here’s what I found!

      “Benefit does not test our cosmetic products on animals and we require our raw material suppliers to provide safety information based on scientifically accepted alternative testing methods. It is nearly impossible for any cosmetic company to certify that all new and existing ingredients incorporated into products have never been tested on animals as part of the safety research and certification process. Benefit selects high quality raw materials with well-established safety records and uses an extensive ingredient database. Benefit is committed to maintaining the highest standards of human safety while eliminating the need for testing on animals.”

  8. I like TJ’s wild rice, and I often buy bags of unroasted nuts to use at will. I’ve also tried their polenta logs, instant miso soup mixes (not the best, but tasty), and gnocchi. And maple syrup, which I’m almost out of. And their Jalapeno hot sauce is very literally the best of all time.

    I like Benefit cosmetics. I got some under eye bags going on – is this supposed to help with that? As for anti-aging face cream, I use Olay Regenerist, though I might try a product from Boots Cosmetics next time I don’t know.

    • I use lots of Boots stuff! I like it. I have an eye makeup remover and a face lotion. (So many lotions, clearly.)

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