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What I’m Reading 3.12.14

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On the book front I’m reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, which is totally miserable and depressing and makes me think there are bombs everywhere I go. (Akin to the feeling I had for months after reading Chris Cleave’s Incendiary. My god, that book. It got nowhere near the praise it deserved because Little Bee was such a huge hit for Cleave, but it is intense and worth your time.)

So it should come as no surprise that my web reading is pretty light at the moment. Here’s what I’ve been doing on the line…

Stop Calling Girls Bossy: A Message from Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce and DVF – Obviously I love this.

Oregon Cat Attack: Family Seeks Therapy for Pet After 911 Call – This is a true story. A 22-pound cat attacked its family and they called 911. And someone transcribed it on the news. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR.


Hudson Mod: Genevieve Takes Manhattan – My friend Katy sent this to me as a pep talk when I was feeling depressed. Specifically: He said, “What did you figure out?” I said, “Strong needs strong—or we just roll over whoever is with us.” He took his fist and hit the table! And he says, “I’ve been looking for those three words for the last five years,” and took my face and kissed me—and that was that! I need the power. And he needed the power, too. He doesn’t want a lady that doesn’t know what to do. I want a challenge and, luckily, he did, too.

Cabbage Goes Undercover – Give me this cabbage poptart.

What’s In It: Cookie Dough Oreos – I hate watching videos on the Internet. (How old am I?) But hands down the best video series on the whole entire Internet is NYT’s What’s In It. Succinct, educational, solid design. Win, win, win.

Crispy Salt and Pepper French Toast – DEAR GOD.

My Afternoon With Sarah Jessica Parker – UGH. SJP’s super sheer navy stirrup tights in this interview are everything. Please help me find them, please.

Betabrand’s New Models are all PhDs – Awesome campaign from Betabrand showcasing their clothes on a group of damn smart women.


  1. I’m also reading The Goldfinch. I love it! So maybe I’m just generally morose.

    I hope you don’t mind how much I’ve been stalking your social media life these days.

  2. Chrissy Chrissy

    My husband sent me a link to this site the other day about calling girls bossy. Love it!

  3. Chrissy Chrissy

    OH. That was also included in the link you posted…whoops.

  4. Stirrups are from American apparel!

    • Yes! My friend sent me the link. I am totally going to try to look that cool and it will fail.

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