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Remember how someone told me that whatever you’re doing on the first of the year is what you’ll do all year? And I was flying? Well, I have not stopped and I kind of like it so much I almost fell for the tricky limited-time in-flight credit card offer that comes with some too-good-to-be-true offer of like a billion miles that you can redeem to fly anywhere you want. (It’s not limited time if you say it on every flight I’m on, hello I’m on to you.)

Anyway, I made a quick and dirty drive-by in New York for work and only received one panicked text from my sister that Tilly was missing. She was actually just trapped under the bed, which is worse. (She got out.)

My first lunch upon landing was at Spring Street Natural (above). I got the standard veggies, rice, tofu and tahini that I realized after the fact I could just make at home. Too late.

My hotel was over-the-top awesome and made me desperately want to find a way to embrace pink decor. (I cannot.)

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I realize New York is crawling with famous people all the time but I was still pleased to see the paparazzi lined up at our door for someone more important than the rest of us. It’s like a super sleazy sign that you are staying somewhere grand.

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In addition to paparazzi at the door, the hotel came equipped with what I thought was a closet but was actually a minibar stocked with champagne and overpriced chocolate. I squealed with Julia-Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman delight (minus being a prostitute) and then ransacked it later that night.

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The next morning I begged the girl at the front desk to let me pay for the $8 candy bar I ate in a drunken stupor so the group hosting us wouldn’t see that I ate an $8 candy bar on their tab and she refused to let me. Now everyone knows I ate the $8 candy bar.

Meal number two was at The Dutch after work. I’m told this is the spot in Soho right now and I know it’s true because the look of disgust the hostess gave me when I asked for a table of three at 8:30pm as if I thought I’d actually get it read, “You are so not from around here.” Literally every human in New York is cooler than me.

We ended up sitting at the bar and I ate the banging-est chestnut-ricotta agnolotti on this planet.

After one (count it: one) cocktail at dinner got me drunk enough to eat an $8 candy bar out of the mini fridge, my morning felt like a hazy blur after an all-night bender so breakfast was forgettable.

I’m a big fan of not eating expensive-only food on the road so lunch at “New York’s Best Inexpensive Restaurant 2011” (what a title!) was a given. My boss said the food at Thelewala could best be described as “Indian burritos” and I was like: Sign. me. up. I got two (whoops)–the achari aloo tikki (potatoes) and the smokey gobi (cauliflower).

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I spent the day at our far sexier Soho office equipped with watermelon water (cue Beyonce!) and a really cool bathroom before rolling back down to a rainy and miserable Charlotte.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.36.40 PM Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.36.31 PM

To be fair, New York is always a tough act to follow and I’m not in the strongest of emotional states right now anyway so Charlotte can redeem herself tomorrow.

Tough view to beat, but I like to think my balcony is up for the challenge…

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  1. Tara Tara

    THEY ARE NOT COOLER THAN YOU. Please don’t feed the ego. (Said as someone who spent five years living in Manhattan and hated it because of the ever-present ego.)


  2. It’s so hard to go to NYC and not feel like it’s better than anywhere else, though. I dream about it often. Almost exclusively about the food and most definitely not about the crowds and trash. So much trash.

    • But so many cool people…

  3. Dana Hauck Dana Hauck

    I love your posts. You are so beautiful!

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