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Food Bites

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My favorite snack is chickpea salad and a bag of kettle chips from Common Market. I use the chips like the little spoons they were meant to be and always scoop all the feta out first. I’m way burned out on hummus (you heard me) so this is my unconventional answer to chips and dip.

Common Market is the ideal place to pick up a snack in Charlotte because there is no way you are ever the weirdest person there. I can parade in in my pink sweatpants and cat sweatshirt and no one even notices me because the cashier is dressed as a cat or everyone is drinking PBRs at like 10am. It’s a glorious little underworld.

Last week I ate my lunch in the park fairly early (like before noon) because when I’m hungry, game over. I came back to find the entire office on their way to lunch together and realized I’m doing that thing again where I sit by myself at lunch every day because I want to be by myself at lunch every day and it makes people scared of me. So I joined in for lunch #2. We went to this crepe place called Hazelnuts. I passed on food because I’d already eaten but thought about nothing but those crepes for 24 more hours. I have been three times since.

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It’s not every day that I demand meat-less loaf and mashed potatoes but when I do it’s important. I had a weird craving for just that a couple weeks ago and detoured my dinner plans straight into The Diamond Diner. My dinner partner didn’t believe me that a meat-less loaf even existed in Charlotte so I was tasked with going inside to ask first. I danced (seriously) all the way back to the car with an affirmative YES THE MEAT-LESS LOAF IS HERE. I predict this massive hunk of deep-fried lentils weighs somewhere between 2 and 3 pounds.

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I used to eat a whole lot more fries than I do these days but that’s because I was drinking a whole lot more vodka and I like to think the two make a fine pairing. Now that I’m all grown up and responsible and not ordering baskets of fries at last call at Thomas Street Tavern, I apparently enjoy my fries baked at 7pm in a small fast-casual Greek-to-go restaurant in suburban south Charlotte with my girlfriends. It’s fine.

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  1. TaMo TaMo

    Chickpea salad? Do you have a recipe? Kinda of like Georgia caviar? (made with black eyed peas?)

    • I think I could probably wing it. It’s just chickpeas, green peppers, red onion, feta and probably olive oil. SO GOOD. Let’s make it.

  2. Fast Greek? Is that Gro-Greek?

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