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52 Things

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Stole this from Jess. Prepare for all the facts you never wanted to know.

  1. I’m scared of parking garages. I’m scared of getting mugged in them. I’m scared of getting stuck in them. I’m scared of them collapsing. I’m scared of them charging me $20 for my car to just sit there all day. I’m scared of them.
  2. I don’t have a Netflix account. Or Hulu. I didn’t know how to put music on my iPod until last year.
  3. I eat chocolate after lunch and dinner every single day. My boss got so offended I wouldn’t offer it to anyone else (hello, rationing) he bought a stash for the office.
  4. I would estimate I check my phone about 150 times a day. I base this on every five minutes for 12 waking hours. I am not kidding. It makes me ill. I don’t even know what I’m looking for.
  5. My biggest fear is some jerk forgetting to empty their lint tray and burning down the complex with my cats inside. I think about this most days.
  6. I shop almost exclusively at TJMaxx, Marshall’s, a resale shop down the street and clearance racks in real stores. I pay full retail for nothing. Ever.
  7. I will never watch House of Cards or Downton Abbey or Breaking Bad, and it’s not because I’m all high and mighty not watching TV. It’s because I’m busy watching Bravo.
  8. I ran into a friend of mine from high school today. I have kept my pre-college, college, and post-college lives decidedly separate so that was weird. It was a totally welcome blast from the past but really threw me off. In fact, at first I thought I knew him from college because who runs into people from high school in Illinois in a creperie North Carolina 11 years later? I did.
  9. If you think I won’t go back to school again you are probably wrong.
  10. My favorite thing to read on the whole Internet is Fast Company. It is the only web version of a magazine that I like better than the print version because they did such a damn beautiful job on the slick, photo-heavy design and always create share-worthy content.
  11. I cannot function in forced large-group social situations.
  12. I don’t miss teaching yoga at all. It made me miserable. Acknowledging and accepting that fact was a slow and painful process. I’m glad it’s over.
  13. I do like doing yoga though. That is very important to me. I also think people who love teaching yoga are great. It takes a special person.
  14. I have never broken any bones and hope to maintain that streak.
  15. I have never had a cavity and also hope to maintain that streak.
  16. Ultra early in the morning is my favorite time of the day. Like somewhere in the 5 o’clock hour when it’s still dark out.
  17. I think my element is air. Is this even a thing? I grew up on the Illinois plains and I like how big and unobstructed the sky is there. I like living up high with a wide open view. I feel suffocated when my home isn’t high up, wide open and well lit.
  18. Speaking of well lit… I want overhead lights on never. They are harsh and hideous and terrible. I cannot have them on.
  19. I had SnapChat for 30 seconds. I hated it. And that was when I knew I was almost 30.
  20. I’m currently reading The Fault in Our Stars. I really love it but find it very hard to believe that dialogue would ever come out of a teenaged brain. It sounds very double-majored-in-English-and-religion-y (which author John Green just happened to do).
  21. I definitely do not want to live in Charlotte forever but making adult friends is so painful and impossible it almost seems counterproductive to try to start over again somewhere new.
  22. Interior design magazines make me feel way more inadequate than fitness magazines. Can’t nobody do any of that.
  23. I bought a ticket for just me to go see Beyonce in Charlotte last summer. I paid over $100 and I went and I will never regret it.
  24. I have had a strange gut feeling since childhood (which makes it even weirder) that I can’t have my own babies. I have absolutely no medical reason to believe this, but the future family I always pictured was full of adopted kids. I’m great with that if it’s the case.
  25. Contrary to popular belief, I do not want any more cats.
  26. I have no athletic prowess whatsoever. I was forced into volleyball and basketball and soccer and tennis and it never went well. I was actually really good at tennis but quit to do varsity dance team. I’m sure my parents were thrilled.
  27. I don’t have a lot of money but I don’t have any debt and sometimes I think that is better. But sometimes I want to be very very rich.
  28. I think all men should have beards.
  29. I’ve never taken a shot. I can’t do it. I’ll sip on it or pour it in another cocktail but I will not shoot it.
  30. I would like to have a kayak and a paddleboard but where would I put them? I’m also as scared of drowning as I am of getting crushed by a parking garage.
  31. Speaking of drowning… Deep sea and outer space are my two worst nightmares. Something about a lack of oxygen, I guess. I often have dreams that I’m drowning. That probably means something.
  32. I can’t tolerate clutter. I cannot. Things can’t just be out and about all willy nilly. A place for everything, everything in its place.
  33. I go to bed excited about the coffee I will drink in the morning.
  34. I don’t take naps. Can’t do it. If the sun is up so am I. That’s how I’ve always been. That said, I am notorious for falling asleep in yoga.
  35. I think my favorite birthday party of all time was at Fontana Beach. My mom bought blow up toys for everyone and we ate KFC. Why aren’t there goodie bags at grown-up parties?
  36. I recently spent $65 on a face cream. I will let you know in two weeks if I regret it.
  37. I can’t exit Target with less than $200 in merchandise. I don’t know how they do it.
  38. I think everything I do is the worst. I live in a constant state of thinking I could do more and do it better.
  39. I hate Christmas. I’m so sorry. I just really do. Halloween is my favorite of the holidays.
  40. I’ve never smoked but I kind of like the smell of it. That can’t be normal.
  41. One time in college I applied to dress as Chester the Cheetah and hand out Cheetos samples at Walmart. I did not get the job.
  42. Given unlimited time, freedom and funds I would spend a couple months doing video interviews for posterity with my Granddaddy Donald, Grandmother Betty, Great-Granny Ruth, Granddaddy Wewo and Grandmother Hedy.
  43. I haven’t a clue what I want to be when I grow up.
  44. I am an equal mix of my mom and dad–physically, emotionally, the whole deal. Perfect split. I appreciate that.
  45. When I was little I thought I was adopted because I was left-handed and had curly hair and was all-around just kind of weirder and a little fatter than everyone else. (I’m not.)
  46. I believe in reinventing yourself every two years or so and not apologizing for it. I’ve gotten very good at quitting things.
  47. I don’t have any tattoos but I love them. (In addition to beards, all men should also have tattoos. Can you see my type?)
  48. I’m not very physically daring. I avoided the monkey bars as a kid. I never learned how to dive. And I believe trampolines are for jumping up and down only. (I love trampolines.)
  49. I gave up on trying to convince myself I work out to “feel strong.” I work out to look good. Feeling good is a welcome byproduct.
  50. I can’t figure out why blazers make me look so boxy and weird and am on a never-ending hunt for the right one. When I find it I will buy seven of them.
  51. Sometimes I just eat the same thing every day for a week because I read that super productive people routinize their lives to avoid wasting time making decisions about minutiae.
  52. I think my siblings are the coolest people. They have always been cooler and more likable than I am.


  1. Jenn Jenn

    I have the same 2 fears, but maybe space slightly more. Sometimes I look at the Hubble space telescope website for fun (nerd alert!) & freak myself the heck out every time for no good reason. There is a lot of cool stuff out there, but also…scary! Star nebulas? Beautiful. Also, terrifying. Jupiter? Giant. And terrifying. I have no idea why I’m so scared of space considering the chance I will ever be there is less than 0% but I totally get your fear!

    • HAHA. We can start a space fear support group.

    • Thanks for reading way too many facts about me!

  2. Dude, so paranoid my house will burn down because of the dryer even though I clean it every time…you never know what’s building up down there! Never broken a bone either (until today…I honestly think I broke my little toe an hour ago). This was fun!

    • Oh my gosh! Your toe!

  3. TaMo TaMo

    Who did you run into #11? Interesting. I think most people have these “things” or something similar. You’re not strange. You’re fabulous!

    • Ha. You know I hate socializing more than anything. It’s just a generalized statement.

  4. #33 – ME TOO!!! I was just telling my husband about that the other day…he was like “um, ok.” He also hates coffee. Sometimes I do not understand how we are married.

    • Ha! People who don’t drink coffee don’t make sense to me. My brother doesn’t.

  5. michelle michelle

    Ahhh thank you for #20. My pet peeve when people say John Green “really nails how teens talk.” (Like 5 different friends have told me this) I voulenteer with teen cancer patients and that boon rang true in so many ways….except for the dialogue!

    Also I irrationally won’t use a crock pot because I think it’s gonna burn my house down with my dogs in it. Even though crock pots were specifically designed not to do that?

  6. Pickles & Honey Pickles & Honey

    This is such an awesome post. I’m with you on a lot of things, and especially #5 about your cats. I get anxiety about leaving my dogs – even at night when they sleep like six feet down the hall in their crates, I have to leave the doors open so I can “hear” them. I used to let them sleep in bed, so this is a massive improvement. Sidenote: I just started a new blog series called “Is that a puggle?”. I am really taking my crazy dog lady status to new levels.

  7. Daily I live in fear that my house will burn down with my sweet puppies in it. I even leave their crate barely latched so they could get out if they really had to. Agh can’t even think about…I’ve called about monitored smoke alarms and my vet’s office is cool with my brand of crazy-pants!

  8. Amy Amy

    I am curious why you hated teaching yoga? Also very impressed that you have never had a cavity given you eat chocolate after every meal 🙂

  9. TaMo TaMo

    I meant to say #8.

  10. JC JC

    My boyfriend has a beard (not a big, wooly ZZ top beard, but an impressive one nonetheless.) Anyways…beards are not very well-received in Florida. People make comments about it all the time! But I love it. And up until now, I thought I was the only girl who preferred a beard.

    On the contrary, I LOVE naps, I despise being awake before 8am, and I’ve broken more bones than anyone I know–I lack gracefulness!

    • So weird beards aren’t a universal thing. Floridians need to spend some time in Appalachia. They’ll learn to appreciate a good mountain man beard.

  11. Jessica B. Jessica B.

    Just curious, why did you hate teaching yoga? I was under the impression that you really loved it. No judging at all, I was just surprised to see that on your list!

    • Perhaps I made that sound very dramatic. You’re the second to ask so I’ll probably elaborate with a full-on super dramatic post. Ultimately it just wasn’t right for me but I’m happy to share the reasons why.

  12. I don’t have tattoos either, but I like them. I don’t think I could ever commit to anything!

    I also eat the same thing but mostly because it’s easier/I’m single and anything I cook, I eat for lunch everyday that week.

    Also, what are you buying at Target?!

    • Hell if I know! I always stock up on toiletries and I feel like they are priced as if they’re made of gold. It’s those damn razor blades probably. So expensive. And kitty litter for days. Also I never really skip the clothing section, which is exactly why it’s the first thing you see when you walk in. They know what they’re doing.

      • I turn immediately from the clothing section! I did go to Target today and they had such good deals. I’m moving so there was so much I wanted!

  13. Lisa Pisacane Lisa Pisacane

    #1 and number #11 is me as well 😀 And I work uptown and have to park on the 6th floor of a structure daily. I asked the parking lady attendant last week how I would get out if I get off work after she leaves. LOL.

  14. Lisa Pisacane Lisa Pisacane

    OH and I stare at my phone if it’s in front of me and sleep next to it at night and while I’m sleeping I dream about my coffee and if I will be making it at home or going elsewhere for it in the morning. 😀

  15. Amanda Bee Amanda Bee

    I love posts like these. I will also say that while I only occasionally think of the house burning down, I DO have a reoccurring fear that someone will break in and leave a door/window open where my cats can get out and I’ll spend the rest of my life roaming the neighborhood looking for them. So I’m super paranoid about checking all the doors/windows to make sure they’re locked and pulling all the curtains even though I really have nothing that anyone would want to steal.

  16. I was nodding my head to a lot of these 😀 I may have to re-create for my own blog. But I might not get to 52 because I’m, frankly, not that interesting.

    • Oh you are. Turn on crap TV and drink wine. You will think of so many things.

  17. Tara Tara

    NUMBER 24. Yes. And I thought I was the only woman who felt this way. I don’t know if it’s that I physically can’t have babies (like you, no reason to believe this) or that I just don’t want my own kid. I want all the OTHER kids. I have always felt, since I was a wee child, that biology and genes are a big fat ehhhhhhhh.

    • I am so glad I’m not the only one.

  18. Blgrl Blgrl

    #24- me too. And it was true. Intuition is nuts.

  19. Virginia Virginia

    #23. So worth it.

  20. Teresa H Teresa H

    Katie, I loved this post!!! (Long time reader, never commented, but your coconut lentil curry is a regular in my home!). I went thru yoga teacher training in 2008 & have realized after many years I am much happier as a student. I also totally related to the blazer thing … Still searching & oh so perplexed how others can wear them so well. Anyhow, thx for sharing -great post!!!!!

    • Thanks, Teresa! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s had the yoga teacher-student internal debate. Let me know if you ever find that blazer…

  21. Love this! #5,#14, #21 & #26 are all me too! And, in reference to #35, I think we should start a trend of goodie bags for adult parties!

  22. […] saw this article the other day called 52 Things and thought it would be a fun blog post and a quick way for you to get to know me a little better. […]

  23. […] saw this article the other day called 52 Things and thought it would be a fun blog post and a quick way for you to get to know me a little better. […]

  24. I am so late to the party on this but I had to comment after your link of 2014 posts.

    I hate parking decks as well. For the same reasons. Also, my biggest fear is drowning in a car, or being stuck in a car when it’s on fire. I couldn’t even deal with the idea of going into outerspace. NOPE. Just the trailers for that Interstellar movie make me panic. Same with monkey bars. No thank you.

    Re: being convinced you can’t have kids. I think that about myself too, thought I have no reason to believe it. I am also convinced I will not live to be elderly. I don’t even know why.

    Adult goody bags at parties needs to become a thing. We can start a movement.

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