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Banana Soft Serve (again)

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This is always worth revisiting.

Precisely four years ago I made my first batch of banana soft serve but certainly not my last. I went on to turn it into parfaits and sundaes and mini cheesecake bites, but the original–peanut butter and chocolate–is forever and always the best. It’s vegan and free of added sugar and seriously (I swear to you) tastes like ice cream.

Do not roll your eyes at me.

I haven’t been big on it lately because I broke my food processor (woe is me), but it turns out a blender is just as good. If you’ve never made it, you can refer back to my old blog for a banana soft serve 101 tutorial. All you need is 1 frozen banana and whatever you want to mix in–frozen berries, peanut butter, cocoa power, coconut. The possibilities are endless.

Vegan Banana Soft Serve


  • 1 frozen banana


  1. In a food processor or blender, puree until smooth and creamy like ice cream. TAH DAH.

Looking for flavor inspiration?

Here are some of my favorite ┬ávariations from my old blog…

Coconut Chocolate Soft Serve

Picture-19Blueberry Peach Soft Serve


Blueberry Soft Serve Breakfast Sundae


Frozen Cheesefake Bites



  1. SOOO EASY how has this not been a healthy alternative everyone knows about?!

  2. Grace Grace

    A plastic surgeon has commandeered Sweet Tater Blog and the other banana soft serve recipes are no longer available.

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