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#CLTsnow: Open Restaurants & Bars

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Charlotte is suffering epidemic rates of cabin fever but we need not let the snow slow our roll. The following is a list of all the restaurants and bars open during the storm. Remember this may change as conditions change.

Also note: You should really only be walking to locations in your hood and I hope it goes without saying that you should never (ever ever ever ever ever) drink and drive. You should follow @CLTdining on Twitter for more updates, and Creative Loafing has a list too. Tweet me @katie_levans or comment here if I’m missing anyone…



The Asbury


Queen City Q

Vida Cantina

Wild Wing Cafe – Epicenter



Dolce Vita

Noda Bodega


Smelly Cat


Plaza Midwood

Common Market

Pizza Peel

The Diamond

Thomas Street Tavern

Whiskey Warehouse


Big Ben Irish Pub

Nan and Byron’s


Y2 Yoga – 3p and 4:20p classes will be the last 2/13

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  1. hal kempson hal kempson

    macs speed shop on south is open…

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