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Back to Work

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It’s possible I neglected to mention I started a new job last week. I’m still doing all my projects and working on PlateShare and cranking away at the studio, but now I also have this thing that requires that I put on pants every day and travel around and stuff. Life is hard.

Anyway, I’m trying to retrain myself to live within the confines of a normal adult schedule again. I operate at a pretty high frequency and am thriving in the SO-MUCH-TO-DO atmosphere. But I will tell you: going back to work after doing whatever you feel like doing for two years is kind of like re-learning how to ride a bike–imbalance, bodily harm and a strong desire for training wheels.

(Oh, you thought I was going to say it just comes back to you right away? Nope.)

In week two of the return to regimen, I’ve got a pretty good little flow going. Wake up at 5, go to the gym OR go back to bed for two hours (priorities), crank out some side work over coffee and blogs, work all day, maybe a yoga class, maybe an event, some more side work over chocolate and Bravo, bed, repeat. Something like that. Still, I’m on the computer WAY too much, I’m sitting for a disgusting amount of time every day, and I kind of just want someone to hand me a life training manual. So there is room for improvement. I’ll settle back in soon enough.

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In addition to teaching myself how to get dressed every day again, I’m also focusing on a lot more food prep in advance. One of the best things about working from home is being able to eat whatever, whenever, wherever you want. When you lose that freedom, I think one of the best favors you can do for yourself is to make a whole bunch of food on Sunday (or whatever your Sunday equivalent is if you’re not on a Mon-Fri schedule) to front load your week with pre-prepped food organization domination.

This week I made and packed:

  • Brown rice
  • Coconut fried tempeh
  • Roasted broccoli

I pack up portions in little containers to throw in my bag for lunch or pop in the microwave for dinner when I don’t get home until 9p (tonight). Sometimes I pack it as a rice bowl and sometimes I add miso broth to make it a soup. It’s pretty versatile.

Working from home and largely working for yourself is a super cool opportunity and I enjoyed it. But it can also be very isolating to spend all your time with cats. And when your office is your home is your cat shelter, it’s difficult to separate work from life, which I think is a very important thing to do. So when presented the opportunity to give something else a go, I accepted. Even though it means I have to wear real clothes and take a shower and pack my lunch.


  1. I do food prep on Sundays so all week I never even have to think about my lunches or dinners because everything is already pre-made. It’s fantastic and cuts down on a lot of stress and hangry-ness on my end 🙂

  2. michelle michelle

    Tell me about coconut fried tempeh? Did you just pan fry it in coconut oil? It sounds delicious but I’m so dumb without a recipie !

    • Yes! That’s all it is. Just warm a skillet, add coconut oil (maybe a tablespoon or two), sear tempeh… that’s it!

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