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Champagne Monday

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All Mondays should probably end in champagne and chocolate and babies, am I right? (I am right.)

I’ve never been great at opening up to people in less than four years, but rounding out my third year in Charlotte I can safely say I have finally found my people. And I am grateful for them.

This afternoon I threw a little party at my place to celebrate my friends’ assorted life accomplishments as of late. Specifically,¬†Charlotte’s own Dion Lim anchored her first live broadcast in her new market of Tampa so we wanted to livestream for moral support.


Mark my words, people will know that face nationwide soon enough. Dion is a woman to watch in the broadcast world (PUN INTENDED). I promise news fame is in her immediate future.


Cheers to career moves!


I had to cut the reunion short to run down and spend some quality time with my family. My first niece is 10 weeks old and oozing personality. Can’t get enough. I’m so happy she’s close.


It was a good good Monday. Have a great week…



  1. Seriously, what an awesome Monday!

  2. jenn jenn

    Your friend (the news anchor) looks beautiful! I travel to Tampa for work a lot and will keep an eye out for her.

    I have been a long time reader and something struck me as sad about this post, though. Everyone gathered together for a happy occasion, but the champagne toast was obviously delayed so everyone could take pictures. I wonder, if we are actually living life these days – or just doing things that are picture-worthy? I am so guilty of this myself. How much better would that moment have been if everyone was “in it” vs. worried about getting the right photo angle of the champagne glasses? I once read an article in National Geographic in which an accomplished mountain climber, sailor, and world traveler said he never once took a picture in any of his travels because his memories and being “in the moment” were always better than any picture. Regardless of whether you agree with that, seeing all of the “photo ops” vs. actually enjoying the moment in the blogging world has really started to bother me lately.

    Do you have any thoughts about this?

    • Excellent observation and something I’ve wrestled with for a while. I definitely have my moments where my phone stays at home or in my car or far enough away that I’m not tempted to take it out and “document.” But (as you can tell in the life I share online here) it is with me for a lot more documentation than I really need. Any time I’m required to be phone-less (two weeks in Africa, for example) I am always infinitely happier and swear I’ll maintain less connection when I’m back to my real life. But it never really plays out that way. I’ve always wanted to try a year without a phone or social media or something along those lines but I’m way too addicted to get there. Maybe a week…

  3. Hilary Hilary

    This gives me hope! I’ve been in Charlotte a little over a year and have yet to find “my people.” Why is making friends infinitely harder when you’re no longer in school??

    • You can hang out with us!

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