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Marry Me, DiGiorno Guy

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I currently do not know who won the Superbowl BUT I do know that the DiGiorno’s social media team deserves a raise. If you don’t follow this pizza on Twitter, I recommend doing so at least during major televised events because it saunters in and makes things actually worth watching.

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I’m pretty sure the whole account was handed over to a sassy 22-year-old intern who just applied for the job to get free pizza and has now found himself teetering on the edge of Internet stardom as the voice of a pizza. The account got super entertaining after what appeared to be a drunken hack turned out to be someone successfully live-tweeting The Sound of Music as the voice of DiGiorno back in December. Now it’s my first stop for entertainment any time everyone in America is watching the same thing.

I suspect marketing directors at multi-million-dollar brands around the world are currently in a panic trying to figure out how to replicate this branding masterpiece, and (I repeat) it is definitely just the work of some recent college grad(s) drinking beer. Well done.

If ever the DiGiorno tweeter’s identity is revealed and he’s a straight man over 30, I call dibs.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a DiGiorno pizza, but I did eat the strange combination of tahini, roasted carrots and broccoli, and hot sauce in pizza form above all weekend. So that’s my post about pizza. Let’s get married, DiGiorno guy.

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