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Bang Bang Burger

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Being a homebody is allegedly a characteristic of people born under the sign of the Cancer crab. Something about living in a shell… or something. I happen to be a Cancer and I also happen to have very strong attachment to my home base so let’s call it scientific fact. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy or even equipped with cable, but wherever or whatever my little shell may be, it does have to be mine–just the way I want it.

I move every year without fail and it always takes me a really long time to settle in. It feels like a waste to me to put any effort into buying furniture and hanging things up if I’ll just turn around and uproot in 11 months. But I’ve realized this leaves me sitting in a home that is never quite uniquely mine and it drives me crazy. So this year I’m trying really hard to make it happen.

I’ve been here two months and have put in more effort to settle in than I have anywhere else ever before. (I put up curtains, for God’s sake.) And I’m almost there.

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Today I finally got a coffee table and a table for the lamp by my bed, which has been sitting on the floor and driving me completely insane (naturally). I don’t know if it’s just me but I refuse to pay $60 for something I am literally just going to put a lamp on. (I could use a laundry basket for that.)

If I’m going to use an item every day–like some really nice knives–I’ll spend money on it. If it’s just there to make the room look nice, I avoid buying it until everyone I know is like, “You really need a table by your bed.” And I’m like, “Ok.”

Also if it requires hanging anything up whatsoever it is absolutely not happening.

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This is why that mirror is still on the ground and there are horizontal landscapes hanging in vertical frames in my entryway. Why would I buy new pictures when I already have those frames that fit so nicely there? Do you see why interior design is such a lost cause on me?

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It’s not perfect but neither is my hair or wardrobe or entire existence so I am beginning to really accept and love my little space as what it is.

And probably the best part about it is the view. And the ‘hood. Best in town. Plaza Midwood for life. Postcode envy. Etc.

Last night I crossed the tracks (literally) over to Elizabeth to try out the new-ish Bang Bang Burger. You can’t always count on a burger joint to offer up a vegetarian option, but I find the Charlotte food scene to be surprisingly accommodating. Bang Bang delivered with a housemade veggie patty filled with… vegetables. One of the co-owners walked me through the whole deal but I forgot, of course. I do know they don’t use egg or flour to bind, which is a feat in itself. They¬†also hand-cut all of their fries and chips, not that I ate all of them…

It’s a cool little spot and I could tell the owners are super passionate about it so I really want to succeed. SO… let’s all go get burgers, yes? Please do it.


  1. Oh I love your rug, and the nice space you have there for a balcony. I wish I had that. Also, kitties are the best decor!

    • We consider cat hair a design touch around here…

      And yes to the balcony. I paid for the upgrade because it seemed worth it given the view. A little outside space goes a long way.

  2. Jon Jon

    So if they don’t use egg to bind, is it vegan? A good vegan veggie burger is a rarity (Mac’s Speed Shop has an incredible example). Would love another spot to check out!

    • Hey Jon! I think it just may be, but I didn’t ask specifically about vegan options. I’d call ahead to confirm. I talked to Joe and he seemed super excited about expanding their veg options in general so I bet he’s open to suggestions/requests.

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