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What I’m Reading 1.30.14

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I’m in a new morning routine of devouring web content over coffee. I realize there is a metric crap-ton of garbage content being shared online and often we wish we could have the 90 seconds we wasted on it back on our life clock. I avoid most everything people post on Facebook because Buzzfeed is in my opinion the end of days. So I hope this carefully vetted list is of interesting stuff (to me) is of some value to you. Here’s a look of some of what I’ve been loving this week…


Yes. Finally a career advice piece that encourages you to create an online presence and not make yourself available 24/7. 5 Career Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making.

Related to the above point about not being available to work 24/7… Checking your work email at night makes you less productive the next day. Turn it off.

Hilarious and 100% accurate representation of what a conference call would look like face to face.


If there’s anything better than a rice crispy treat, it’s a rice crispy treat milkshake containing alcohol. Jessica throws it all in one with this spiked rice crispy treat shooter.

If you’re interested in eating brownies for breakfast, Julie has you covered (in caramel) with these gooey turtle brownie sticky buns. I cannot even.

Also on the breakfast front, Ashley’s coconut banana bread is drowning in homemade coconut butter and oh so right.


Hilarious and 100% accurate (fake) profile on moving to Charlotte and realizing you don’t actually want to leave.

In the Valentine’s season, this NYT Modern Love piece on singledom is welcome. Specifically: “I realize these less-than-giddy examples may conjure up those deadly words: “desperate” and “pathetic.” But I wasn’t desperate. If I had been desperate, I would have settled for a relationship I felt ambivalent about because I was afraid to be alone. Instead, I learned to relax into the open space of my quiet home and unknown future. I also learned there is a difference between feeling something unpleasant (loneliness, longing) and being something shameful.”


San Francisco startup Handup lets you donate directly to homeless members in the community using their mobile app. They currently have 100 homeless members profiled in the app.

NYC is using big data visualization maps of eviction notices to preemptively pinpoint high-risk areas of homelessness.

Gorgeous photos taken under the Northern Lights.

Dove’s new #BeautyIs campaign creates a mother/daughter photo workshop that will change the way you look at selfies.

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  1. That NYT article means everything to me. I’ve been so confused and panicked for the past year. Thank you so much for sharing.

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