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Caturday 1.25.14


Good Caturday morning, kittens. Ralph, Weaz and Tilly apologize for their extended absence this year. They’ve been doing a lot of travel this year and spent all of their airplane time curating this list of Skymall favorites for your viewing pleasure.


Ralph, Weaz and Tilly’s Skymall Picks

World Map Rain Poncho


This sexy little number puts the FUN in functional yet fashionable cartographic attire. Tired of discretely checking your geographic location on a mobile mapping device? Wish there were an easier way to figure out where on the planet you are? Sick and tired of maps that aren’t waterproof AND wearable? Have we got a deal for you.

Decorative Toilet Flush Handles


Ugh. FINALLY someone has addressed the need to adorn poop receptacles with small shiny sea creatures. Flushing the toilet need not be a non-whimsical task thanks to the bathroom bling equivalent of bedazzling your jeans. Think these stunning works of art aren’t durable enough to withstand your flushing force and frequency? Think again: “designed to withstand the most demanding flushing needs.”

Nose Notch Wine Glass


Not to get all wine snobby on you, but if you can’t put your entire face into your wine glass, you might as well just order a PBR in a brown paper bag and go sit on the curb because your life is over, you uncivilized monster.

Selfie Extendable Camera Arm


Too embarrassed to ask strangers to take your picture? Pulling out this outrageous extendable camera arm for the sole purpose of taking a picture of your own stupid face without the inconvenience of speaking to another human being is not embarrassing at ALL. Give your worthless little T-rex arms a 9-inch boost and step up your selfie game.

Odor Eliminating Underwear


We don’t know who Victor is or what he smells like but we trust that putrid stench of failure does not belong anywhere near your nether regions.

All these state-of-the-art products are Caturday approved, endorsed and available at

“We are cats and we approve this message.” – Ralph, Weaz and Tilly

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  1. Jon Jon

    I almost cried laughing at this gem of a post! And seeing as I’m currently in a international distribution meeting, I’m blaming this lil’ bit of awkward on you. 😉

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