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2013 Year in Review


2013 has been a doozy. For me it was a year of exploration and expansion by way of paralyzing anxiety, fear, doubt and depression. In hindsight, all the stress and pressure I felt was a weight I put on myself. You can only feel so miserable for so long before deciding it’s time to make some shit happen. These highlights are some of the things that grew up out of what at times felt like rock bottom. It’s all pretty great stuff, but I didn’t notice because I am so hard on myself. So I guess my resolution for 2014 is to lighten up a little bit, have some fun, celebrate and give myself a break.


I traveled around to teach some workshops, took some workshops, planned a huge yoga festival in less than six weeks, and eventually decided to quit teaching studio classes all together. It was one of the best decisions I made this year.






Fun Stuff

We made a last-minute road trip to see Mumford & Sons, and it was a very good idea. I traveled to Minneapolis to speak at the Healthy Living Summit and realized I don’t know any bloggers anymore. We had a private Andy Grammer concert at the studio, and it was awesome. I went to countless fashion shows, restaurant openings, and launch parties and found some of my best girlfriends in the process. I went to (one of) my best friend’s wedding(s) and wept happy tears for days.








2013 was the year of the stray animal for me. I darted in front of oncoming traffic to pull Joey Donut out of the middle of a busy street (and eventually found her a new home with a friend of mine). I found mangey Toby running around my apartment complex on a hundred-degree day and helped him find his way to a rescue and eventually a new home with another friend. I welcomed Tilly the two-legged cat into my world, and while it has been a very trying transition period, I do not regret it. Ralph and Weaz continued their reign of terror.





I first pitched the PlateShare concept at Startup Weekend 2013 in January (and almost won). By May I had funding and a mobile app beta in development. By July we had our first restaurant partner rounding up on receipts. In August we cut our first grant to a hunger relief organization. In November I won the Shape Charlotte business idea competition (and $12,500 for the operation). I make absolutely no money on this project and do it all in my spare time. We are currently back to the drawing board re-developing the Android app and developing an iPhone app.








  1. Jen Jen

    such a year of growth for you katie and it sounds like 2014 is going to be full of opportunity and big things. xo

  2. Anne Weber-Falk Anne Weber-Falk

    Ms. Levan, I am new to your site. I live in Crystal Lake, IL. My husband works in Woodstock. I want to tell you how excited I am about PlateShare. What a fabulous idea. I work with PADS in my town. I see how many homeless we have and can only imagine how many I don’t see. I see them stop at the soup dinner at the methodist church and then come over to our Bethany church for another meal and sleep. I’d like to know more about PlateShare so we can make it happen here.

  3. TaMo TaMo

    A good year and yes, you are too hard on yourself.

  4. Such an exciting year for you!

    “Ralph and Weaz continued their reign of terror” made me giggle.

  5. Amy Amy

    I’m confused- I remember when you went MIA for the Bachelor for months and months and now you haven’t posted at all in 2014 (Jan 20th currently) and yet you say in your last post “4 solid years of Caturday for anyone who’s counting. You’re welcome”. Do you just ignore the fact that you don’t post when inconvenient? I wouldn’t say 4 SOLID years is accurate- I haven’t been following you closely for the past 4 years, I admit, but the fact that I’ve loosely followed and still notice these discrepancies begs explanation. I don’t necessarily think you *need* to be posting Caturday every Saturday for the record (although I enjoy it very much), but since you do claim to, I find this odd.

    • Hi Amy. I went MIA for months and months last year because I was contractually bound to an agreement to remain 100% silent online until I was off the show. That was a legal thing and it sucked. As far as 2014 goes, I was in Tanzania for the first two weeks and then went straight to San Francisco on business. I’ve only been home three days this year so my attention has been elsewhere. Glad to hear you enjoy Caturday enough to complain about its absence. It will be back.

      • Amy Amy

        Ha yeah I just re-read that in daylight and it seemed a bit cranky- apologies. Maybe I misread your point which was just that you’ve been doing Caturday for 4 years, I think I was vaguely remembering an old post where you claimed you post EVERY SATURDAY NO MATTER WHAT. But I’m foggy and could be totally wrong.

  6. Julia Julia

    I am fairly certain she is in Tanzania working for a charity…chill yo

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