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Home for the Holidays

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“Just like you left it, huh?” my dad says, popping in my room to say goodnight. He’s right. My room is eerily untouched since I left it 10 years ago to migrate south. Stacks of NSYNC CDs, pictures of all my old pets, prom dresses in the closet, fossilized corsages hanging from my bulletin board. It’s frozen in time, and outside is the same story.

My dad has this conspiracy theory that out of the entire state of Illinois, it is somehow (suspiciously) colder, snowier and icier at our house. Every time he picks me up at the airport he notes the temperature and then makes a grand announcement every time it drops one degree on the hour drive home.

I always tell people I’m from Chicago but that’s just because no one in North Carolina knows (or cares) where Woodstock ┬áis. Plus, Chicago just sounds cooler. I confess I’m not really from Chicago. I’m from a very small town just south of the Wisconsin border called Woodstock. It is the home of the Claussen Pickle Factory and the film set of Groundhog Day and really nothing else at all.

I carry equal amounts of love and hate for Woodstock, but Christmastime is all love.

I flew home today with my sister and her boyfriend, and even though we all spent the flight engrossed in our respective reading materials I did note that travel is significantly less miserable with other people. (I somehow almost always fly alone.)

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Travel Note: If you’re a recovering Diet Coke addict like myself you’re probably well aware of the fact that the beverage cart on a flight is a trigger (second only to movie theaters, DEAR GOD). For sweet bubbles without fake sugar in flight, I go for sparkling water with a splash of cranberry juice. Yes, you do sound like a super asshole ordering it but it is totally good and worth it. Maybe put vodka in it.

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We had a smooth trip despite ice on the ground in Chicago and made it home for the official start of the holiday season.

I love Charlotte and all, but there is no such thing as Christmas there, not for me anyway. I tried decking out my apartment but it just feels forced with its bargain box of Target crap I’ll probably throw away in a week. I prefer the tradition and ritual of pulling out the same (ugly) old Christmas crap year after year after year, and that really only happens at home.

There’s our old advent calendar where you move the little mouse to a different pocket each day until Christmas eve, our ancient and adored handmade stockings from mom, the dozens and dozens of hideous ornaments we made as kids. My mom puts it all out exactly the same way every year. Frozen in time, just like my room.

Oh and, in case you had any doubt, it is in fact colder and snowier and icier at our house. It dropped 10 degrees from the airport to the driveway. I argued that it was perhaps a result of moving from the city with lots of cars and asphalt and buildings retaining heat to the middle of the damn pitch-black nowhere. But my dad maintains that it’s god torturing him. He is probably right.


  1. Kacy Kacy

    I LOVE Claussen pickles!!! Merry Christmas! XO

  2. TaMo TaMo

    Why didn’t you say that Mom made these cookies? Really? Who has time to make cookies when you’re pulling out Advent calendars and old ornaments? Ha

  3. kellymitchem kellymitchem

    I am a recovering Diet Coke addict myself, and I hear ya on the movie theater!

    • It’s like I’m hardwired to order the biggest diet coke on the planet. And spend $38 on it.

  4. Chris Chris

    Haha! Love this! Can’t get enough of your freestyle writing. Merry Christmas. Oh, it’s almost 70 here…

    • It’s snowing here. :[

  5. I know Woodstock! My dad had a 2nd home in Rockford and commuted from Sunset Beach, NC to Rockford, IL for work for a few years.

    Enjoy your time with your family! We areon our 5th holiday season OCONUS and I concur, it’s just not the same as “home.”

    • Small world!

      (Totally had to google OCONUS.)

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