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Kitchen Gifts < $20


As tempting as it may be to buy your unsuspecting friends and family that indoor marshmallow roaster they never knew they needed, your gift to a food enthusiast will be much bigger hit this holiday season if it’s actually useful (and preferably not on this list). While something quirky and debatably “clever” might seem like a surefire hit, I implore you to steer clear of anything “as seen on TV” and opt instead for something the serves a purpose.

The following are some items I use or admire every single day in my kitchen, and they’re all under $20.

Dictionary Kitchen Prints

$9.25ea at Winterberry Cottage

These neutral prints are a simple way to add a little flair to your kitchen, and at under $10 a pop you’ll have money left over for a frame. There are dozens of print options, but I like to stick with a food and kitchen appliance theme. I have the carrot, onion, silverware and coffee mug at my house.

Pour Over Coffee

$20, Hario VDC-02W

If you think wine snobs are bad, just wait until you encounter a true coffee snob. They suck the fun straight out of your morning buzz by making you feel like an idiot for wanting anything but a shot of espresso or a cup of pour over. Don’t get me wrong, pour over coffee is the jam but at over $3 for a mug of black damn coffee it’s a little outrageous. To make sure your friends know you’re up to speed on the latest caffeine trends AND you care about their coffee budget, buy them this simple ceramic pour over coffee dripper. But take note: Every time you put Folgers grounds in a pour over filter, a hipster loses his non-prescription glass. (Extra gift alert: If they don’t have a tea kettle you might want to throw that in too. I have a Farberware Luna that I LOVE. It’s $30 on Amazon but I got mine at TJMaxx for like $20.)

Milk Frother

$4.49, Ikea

This might seem like it belongs on one of those seriously useless kitchen gadgets lists, but hear me out. For less than you’d pay for one latte in a cafe, you can buy this little machine that will create light, frothy latte foam at home forever and ever. Also it’s $5. You cannot lose.

Cookbook Stands

Price varies, similar items at Anthropologie and Etsy

My roommate got me this super cool vintage spoon cookbook stand, and I love it. I’ll admit I don’t really refer to cookbooks all that often now that this thing called the Internet exists, but guess what… It also holds a tablet or iPhone up for easy viewing.

So those are a few of my favorite things for the kitchen. Got any to add? Up next, I’ll assemble a lust list full of things I want but don’t have yet so maybe Santa (err, my mom) will get them for me.


  1. I was planning to put a milk frother on my Christmas list this year, so I was happy to see it show up here. Those dictionary prints are really cute!

  2. Samantha Samantha

    I don’t live near an Ikea and stock up on the frother every time I’m near one. I currently have about 5 in my kitchen.

    • Ha! They’re so great…

  3. TaMo TaMo

    Mom wants a teapot.

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